What’s the function of an website positioning company?

An SEO agency is an agency specializing in digital advertising that helps you optimize your visibility on search engines (such as Google). SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”, which means “search engine optimization”. An SEO agency helps you improve your positioning in search results, in other words the position of your website when a user searches. This is the opposite of SEA, the so-called paid referencing.

Increased visibility

If we invite SEO agencies, it is primarily because they optimize your referencing on search engines, which results in increased visibility of your website. Using an SEO agency is especially helpful if you have an e-commerce website or sell online. For comparison, it is not enough to have a shop that is in a busy street. SEO optimization can be reduced to moving to a more visible place.

Natural referencing: profession

To optimize your SEO, you can try an experiment to do it yourself by learning about different techniques, but you have to take into account that there are more than 200 recommendations from Google and that they are not static. The rules are changing and, without wanting to reassure you, you will have to consider various changes because a page that is well positioned today may not be like that tomorrow. Search engines are constantly evolving and that is why companies often invite an SEO agency to improve their referencing.

The question of profitability

Another reason that can encourage you to use an SEO agency: profitability. If you can imagine that doing it yourself is more cost effective than using an SEO agency, many tools are paid like Yooda, Majestic SEO, Semrush … even if there are some free tools that can give you very good results. basics like Google Analytics, Google Search Console or PageSpeed ​​Insight. Outsourcing can therefore be profitable as SEO agencies pool costs on their different clients as well as in many activities.

But what to entrust to an SEO agency?

First of all, it should be borne in mind that the main mission of an SEO agency remains to position your website on the first pages on Google for certain keywords. It is obvious that you will not be present on all pages, but the minimum remains to be seen from the first results on the name of your brand.

An SEO agency like Digimood will initially offer you to optimize your website through its structure, tree structure and netlinking. It can complete its action by offering you optimization of your editorial content and specifically working on keywords to be used while writing on the web.

However, there are many other techniques such as netlinking, which allows you to create backlinks. Partnerships created with relevant sites can help you improve your SEO. An SEO agency can go even further by improving UX, in other words, taking into account the way users navigate your website.

To conclude, it is generally worth inviting an SEO agency to check that your site technically meets the search engine requirements and to better position your positioning in the search results for your strategic keywords.

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