Why is website positioning essential?

It is a technique that, if mastered well, improves the position of a website on the Internet. SEO is essential today to enable a company to be visible on the web. But how exactly does it work?

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SEO is an English term that means Search engine optimization translated into French by “Search Engine Optimization”. We also often talk about “natural referencing”, a synonym used to denote SEO. It is possible to call on a SEO agency to work on referencing his site.

Back to SEO: how did it come about?

Start from SEO natural ones are based on a principle that is close SEO techniques. In 1945, Vannevar Bush, then directorOffice for Scientific Research and Development (and certainly one of the pioneers of the web) defines Memex, “a system for collecting, extracting, and inserting data” that allows them to be interconnected. In 1990, Archie arrived, an information retrieval system that is considered the forerunner of search engines. Seven years later, the term SEO appears almost at the same time as Google! Web experts then think about a method that would generate keyword traffic and how to get there in the first place. SEO is up and running.

How to clearly define SEO?

SEO, or natural referencing, brings together all the techniques and methods used to position websites at the top of search results on search engine. This mechanism allows sorting the results of Internet user requests. This solution “naturally” positions the pages on make them visible. Indeed, natural referencing should be contrasted with paid referencing (SEA or Search engine advertising) which consists of paying the search engine to bring the page in the form of an advertisement to the top of the results.

How to properly achieve natural referencing of your website?

According to the website www.internetlivestats.com, Google processes more than 40,000 search queries per second, which means that 3.5 billion searches are performed every day worldwide. In France, more than 90% of this turnover comes from Google. In other words, when an SEO agency works on natural referencing a website, it essentially focuses its work on the SEO rules dictated by this giant, even if it is true that other search engines like Bing or Yahoo are taken into account.

You should know that natural referencing is constantly evolving. This implies that agencies specializing in SEO must conduct ongoing monitoring to keep up to date with the latest SERP criteria (Search engine results page or search engine results pages) to sign up for reliable natural referencing. Indeed, the latter are evolving from year to year and are becoming more precise.

Experts in this field, SEO agencies know which key points need to be integrated into their digital strategy. Working on natural referencing is a separate profession that requires the acquisition of a number of technical, editorial and analytical skills. Thanks to your qualifications, SEO agencies can thwart search engine pitfalls. He will then propose an effective strategy that allows websites to appear on Google’s SERP 1, Bingof yahoo or other search engines.

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