Wall and Search engine marketing, unattainable marriage?

Paywall, cookie wall, registration wall… All this can be a source of problems for natural referencing. The SEOs of two major French media outlets and an expert give their point of view. The walls are flourishing in the media. According to a study by Poool, a startup that offers a wall solution, 80% of journalists … Read more

learn how to miss the revolution? – Younger Africa

After the health crisis, the use of digital and its very strong adoption among the population offers a growing prospect to private investors in Tunisia, in terms of e-commerce. Indicators of the electronic payment platform Monétique-Tunisie (clictopay) as well as Tunisian post officese-dinars) show that in 2020 this growth also affected the number of trade … Read more

Digital signature: enhanced safety because of LuxTrust’s licensed validation service

Today, more than ever, electronic signatures are at the heart of the exchange of electronic documents and many dematerialized processes. But apart from the convenience of use, the ability to validate an electronic signature is equally important to avoid any dispute. Anne Reuland, Legal and Regulatory Director of LuxTrust, shares her expertise in this area. … Read more

methods to restrict the danger of fraud and anticipate non-payment?

Everyday scams and rates of return are major problems for e-commerce. The latter must control these known rates to limit losses on their traffic. However, with numerous existing fraud techniques and an increasing number of outstanding payments (especially due to the health situation that has affected many organizations whose solvency has failed), it is not … Read more

The decentralized social community Metaverse Growth broadcasts Airdrop

The Boom App, a decentralized social platform based on Metaverse, is launching a PC version, launching a campaign. ” Refer-to-Earn and announces plans for upcoming NFT distributions and key technical partnerships. What is Boom App ? Boom is a decentralized SocialFi platform where users can own and display their digital assets. It seeks to bridge … Read more