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When you index a website, especially as part of an SEO audit, you sometimes find pages (or images) in 404 (invalid links). Does Google punish this type of situation? Why is this a bad thing in general, and in SEO in particular? The answer in this video …

We are all internet users and, when browsing the website, we only moderately appreciate the fact that with one click we come to page 404 (URL not found) in the internal network.

And on the Google side, how’s it going? Can search engines penalize a site that has a lot of 404? In general, can this affect the overall quality of the page in the eyes of Google? Or is the problem somewhere else?

So you will learn more if you watch this video number 214:

404 Errors and internal network – Video no. 214 proposed by Olivier Andrieu (Abondance). Source: Abundance

Video transcript 214: “404 errors and internal connection”:

“Hello and welcome to this video number 214! Happy New Year 2022! With a small video, short this week, let’s talk about 404 errors in internal connectivity. I’m really talking about internal networking here and therefore about browsing the website by clicking on links, menus, etc. and to come across 404. This is different from 404 generated by links from other sites, external links that can be found in the Search Console, for example, or elsewhere. I’m really talking here about links within a website, an internal network.

So, first thing, I already made a video about this, Google does not penalize 404, it will not penalize in the sense of “you did something wrong”, the fact that there are 404 in the internal connection is not a problem for Google. Finds 404 or 410, it doesn’t matter, but it won’t penalize the page for it. The problem is first of all that page 404 is deceptive. When you’re on a website – we’ve all experienced it – you click, navigate and then boom to page 404, and apparently it was just a page we liked and wanted to read and who wanted to answer our question. So, of course it’s deceptive, too bad.

It’s actually an idea I have when I’m going through this kind of experience that the site isn’t well maintained. It is not normal for a website to have 404 within the navigation, so it is somewhere branding the whole company, organization or person who created the page. So I know there are a lot of 404s on Abundance 🙂 Don’t post comments, I’m doing everything I can to eradicate them as I go, but on a page that’s 20 years old, it’s a little hard to deal with a 404, but I’m aware of that of course and I try to be sure … So, usually a website that is well done, well designed and maintained, does not have 404, and behind all this is the brand image anyway, which is not negligible.

And then it’s a bit of a budget loss for indexing, because the time a robot will spend managing and identifying your 404 – especially Googlebot, which often goes back to 404 pages to see if it’s really a 404, is a loss of search. Budget. So we can tell ourselves that ok we have a few 404, not very serious. However, I just recently worked on a site where there was actually an image that was recalled several times per page on all pages and which was at 404, took up 43% of the indexing budget! 43%, we’re starting to ask ourselves questions anyway! So that’s a really special case, but 404, one way or another, also affects the search budget and is a bit of a pity. So you still have to look at everything.

In short, check your network using tools like Screaming Frog, Oncrawl, Botify, ranking metrics or Xena, etc. no matter which tool you use, everyone will offer you information about possible 404 codes in your tree structure and try to correct as much as possible. Most of these tools give you indications on the page where the 404 link is located, so you will be able to find the source of the problem and correct it behind it as you go. Make sure you have as little as 404 on your website, not because of Google’s penalty issues, it’s more to have a crawl that’s even better than before!

Here are a few videos I’ve made in the past, it’s been a long time since I’ve made any on 404: videos 86, 88, 90, 93 and 99 on 404 and soft 404. Here, I’m telling you a good week for you, we’re still always together a year of Abundance videos, so I say see you soon and thank you again for your loyalty. Thanks and goodbye. 🙂 »

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