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Snapchat is more than just an app for sharing photos and videos with loved ones. For companies, the social network has more options to improve their visibility, reach new customers and improve their business.

With 319 million active users, the platform plays a key role in any social media strategy. Let’s go back to how its advertising network works and the possibilities that this social network offers like no other.

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Companies: A Guide to Creating Snapchat Ads

Snapchat has several benefits for advertisers, provided they understand how its advertising tool works. Ad formats that are more creative than each other are offered to achieve different goals. At the same time, very precise targeting options are available. The goal is to achieve your goal at all costs. The creative process is intuitive. However, this requires certain steps that we will discuss.

Snapchat advertising: what are the benefits for companies?

Many companies today have introduced Snapchat into their social media marketing strategy. One of the main reasons is the fact that most of the content is outdated. For advertisers, this principle is similar to face-to-face communication. It is therefore worth saying that it facilitates interaction with Snapchatters.

Authorial characteristics are also a big plus. Although Meta also offers augmented reality options, Snapchat remains a true expert in this field. This gives it a significant advantage over competitors. Brands can create interactive ads that stand out. This means that it is easier to connect with your audience.

Finally, it might be wise to turn to the social network to reach a younger audience: in France, 60% of Snapchat users are between 18 and 34 years old (HubSpot studio).

Focus on Snapchat advertising formats

Snapchat offers four ad formats. They are very different from each other and offer more opportunities to advertisers.

Snap Ads

A snap ad is an ad that occupies the entire screen of the user. This can be a photo or a video (including a GIF). In the second case, it can take up to three minutes. Brands have the ability to add text elements as well as calls to action (CTA). By dragging the screen up, users will get more information about the product or service being promoted. It is also possible to redirect them to your website or app to increase traffic.

eye invented with that phrase "why not an elf?"snapchat advertising

Elf beauty brand campaign Image: Snapchat.


Since its inception, Snapchat has stood out from its competitors in terms of the possibilities offered in terms of creating filters. For this reason, this format is widely appreciated by advertisers. Sponsored filters appear directly in the “Filter” menu of the social network to promote their use. Snpachat users can then post a video with him to their story, send a photo with him to their friends and save it in Memories. The brand name and its logo occupy a good part of the screen.

woman with adidas filter and hashtag Host

Filters are used daily by many social media users. Snapchat.


These are filters that change depending on the user’s location, activities or interests. This format can be used by companies and companies seeking fame. By opting for sponsored geofilters, a brand can design custom graphic elements. Internet users post them on their photos and videos.


Lenses are special effects based on augmented reality. With this format, brands can create impressive experiences that users try out and share with their friends. For businesses, this helps them meet their engagement goals.

a person who builds a lego on a snapchat

Lenses are designed using augmented reality. Snapchat.

Story Ads

Story ads are tiled in the Discover section of the app, along with other stories selected according to user interests. They appear in the same way as these: a cover with a title, and sometimes a logo. They contain between three and twenty pictures. It is a particularly impressive format, generally used to achieve performance and notoriety goals.

Collection Ads

Collector’s ads are advertisements designed for brands and companies. They show a range of products that Snapchatters can touch to get more information. Again, CTAs are added that redirect to the page of the article in question.

Commercial ads

Commercial ads are video ads that a user is forced to watch. They last between three and six seconds and take up the entire screen. With this type of ad, it’s possible to highlight quality content and run profitable campaigns, because these ads are ultra-targeted.

Focus on targeting options

Like Instagram, Snapchat offers advertisers very precise options for targeting geography as well as demographics, such as gender. Of course, it is possible to target by age so that teenagers on the platform would not be exposed to campaigns that promote, for example, alcohol.

To properly target your audience, the social network offers several options:

  • Snap Audience Matchwhich re-targets a user who has previously interacted with their brand using their email, phone number, or mobile device ID associated with their Snapchat account;
  • Lookalike Audienceswhich allows you to target Snapchatter whose profile is similar to the profile of its current customers;
  • Custom audience for Pixeltarget Internet users who have browsed the brand’s website and researched its range;
  • Audience engagement audienceused to re-target an audience of engaged users who have already clicked on one of its ads on social media, viewed the entire video ad, or shared its sponsored filter;
  • Preserved audience, to quickly and easily create audience segments to target. They can be used in several commercials at the same time.

Sign up for Snapchat Ads Manager

In the same way as Facebook and Google Adwords, Snapchat Ads Manager offers the ability to design, manage, and optimize your ads. Registration is completely free. This means that both large and small companies can create ads on social networks. Creating an account only takes a few minutes. He is then asked to fill in information related to his company.

Create your ad

The next step is the most important: creating your first campaign. To do this, you need to follow a very specific roadmap. You must first set a campaign goal. Snapchat’s ad network offers five:

  • Drive traffic to your websiteto encourage Internet users to visit the brand’s website;
  • Promote your point of saleto attract Snapchatters to its store and increase its local fame;
  • Encourage users to contact my brandespecially by calling for information;
  • Increase the number of downloads of his application ;
  • Increase the number of visitors to your application.

You must then name your campaign, indicate its start and end date, and the amount awarded. The platform offers two cost systems: daily budget Where total budget in a given period. On Snapchat, the daily budget is at least five euros. It is defined according to the company’s assets and its goals.

It is ideal to adjust your budget according to the results of your campaign, which can be measured using Pixel Snapchat. This is a piece of code that needs to be posted on your website to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, measure visits, and know the sales made. There is one for WordPress, for Shopify and for Prestashop.

Then comes the time to define your audience. You must choose one of the targeting options, select the geographic area you are targeting, and provide demographic information such as age, gender, and language. Interests can be specified. It is also possible to select users according to their operating system or the operator they use. It is also requested to indicate the place of advertising, for example in the story. In some cases it is necessary to select CTA and add a phrase.

All advertising can be designed on creative software or on Snap Publisher. The platform allows you to design your ad from A to Z.

Post a Snapchat ad

When you’re done with your ad, it’s time to publish it by clicking the button provided for this purpose. You’ll have to be patient while Snapchat confirms the ad before you see it online. As with any advertising campaign, it is important to monitor the performance of its ads in Snapchat Ads Manager.

As you’ve already figured out, posting ads on Snapchat can be a profitable strategy when you want to achieve your goals of awareness, traffic generation, and engagement. However, it is necessary to ensure that we are addressing the right goal. In order not to make a mistake, it may be better to seek help from a web marketing agency.

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