investing in search engine marketing, a actuality that eliminates prejudice

Natural website referencing, or SEO, was born with the development of search engines in the 2000s. Internet users perform almost 7 billion searches on Google every day, of which 15% are brand new.

To be visible on these engines, there are 2 main levers: natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA). They often oppose the idea that a SEA requires a budget, while SEO would be free. Is this perception justified?

SEO, growth engine

Natural referencing, or search engine optimization, is the ability to position a website’s pages well in search engine results. This is the result of the use of specific optimization techniques that do not involve any payment to search engines. The use of the Google Ads platform (paid referencing), for the purpose of broadcasting advertisements, is paid.

Natural referencing has become a real growth accelerator in recent years. Companies must therefore be well versed in these techniques. Natural referencing service agencies, such as the SEO agency Netinshape, support companies in this specific aspect that is crucial to their digital strategy.

Does SEO Really Happen Naturally?

The term “natural” is a false friend that suggests that page rankings in search engine results take place without human intervention. However, starting a site is not enough to rise in the rankings. Natural referencing comes at a cost, associated with the various optimizations that need to be implemented. If the site is not optimized, it will have very little chance of being well positioned on the engines.

There are 3 main levers that need to be well referenced: technique, content and page popularity.

The technical optimization on a page, they aim, for example, to ensure that important pages are indexed by search engines and that no page is displayed by mistake. Other technical aspects such as mobile compatibility or site architecture are also important.

A rich, unique and original content is appreciated by search engines. It must provide useful information to the user. Its value helps to establish the authority of the site in its field. Again, content must be optimized using keywords selected for their search volume that reflect public interest.

Finally, the netlinking, or the fact that he is quoted through links from other authoritative pages on his topic, forges the popularity of the page with Google. This, thanks to its scoring system called “Link”, works in a similar way to the recommendations: netlinking establishes the authority of the site.

These elements relativize the “natural” nature of search engine referencing as a budget-free phenomenon.

How much does SEO cost?

The budget varies significantly depending on the competition in your sector of activity, the size of your market (local, national, international) and the goals you have set for yourself. There are five main cost items to plan for a successful SEO strategy implementation.

SEO audit

SEO audit, not mandatory, but often necessary, make an inventory of the location. It can have two dimensions: technical, but also semantic to define a list of high-potential keywords for the page. The price of a standard SEO audit varies from € 1,000 to € 3,000. This can go beyond that for very large locations.

Technical development

Once the blocking points have been identified during the audit, you will need to ask your web agency to make corrections to the website. Therefore, site development and maintenance costs can be expected.

Content production

Content production is an important but so important cost item in SEO. It can be internalized, but if it is externalized, it implies that the writing is optimized for SEO. Depending on the need to use an editor specialized in certain specialized topics, the price varies from one hundred to several hundred euros per page. The length of the written content also affects the price, as well as the type of page (service, product, blog article, etc.).

Shopping feedback

Netlinking consists of buying quality backlinks to increase the popularity of the site on search engines. The budget dedicated to acquiring links varies from a few hundred euros a month to several thousand euros for companies that are positioned on highly competitive keywords. Links from sites with high authority, such as the mainstream media, cost more. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about budget proposals that are much too low, which may mask the use of so-called. “Black Hat” techniques, which do not comply with Google’s policies. These actions are risky and can lead to significant penalties or even deletion of the site.

SEO services

finally, Sometimes SEO support from an agency specializing in SEO is necessary. Since each situation is different, the price of an SEO service is calculated as accurately as possible according to the number and complexity of websites to be optimized. Is there one location per country or activity or several? If this is an e-commerce page, how many product sheets does it contain? Page size affects analysis and processing time.

The quality and scope of service important factors are also expected. “As in any profession, you can face a large disparity in price. Top service with consultants who are very experienced in their field will of course cost more, but will generate a higher return on investment. ” says Florian Géri, CEO of Netinshape, a digital marketing agency in Paris.

SEO, more cost effective in the long run

Working on your SEO is a resourcelong-term benefits : positions acquired in SERPs allow duration betting. Depending on the queries and popularity of certain topics, search results pages vary little or not every day. By comparison, the paid referencing lever (SEA) works thanks to a system of auctions that is likely to increase due to competitive pressure. A large budget is required to stay in the first ads published at the top of the first page.

SEA and SEO are not opposites: they are even complementary. SEA is interesting for one-time or short-term commercial operations, or when you are not yet well positioned in SEO.

If the Google algorithm goes through many changes every day, they will have little impact on the positioning of the page if it is optimized by respecting the rules set by the search engine. The risks of falling traffic are thus minimized.

As a result, the impact of a well-managed SEO strategy expands in the long run, along with amortizing its cost. This is the opposite of the SEA, whose impact is immediate but requires a constant budget to achieve similar effects. Investing in the SEO of your site therefore represents an effort and a long-term investment.

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