Our checklist of one of the best on-line purchasing websites

Appetite comes with eating. In 2020, Covid commits, the French rushed to e-commerce sites to make a purchase because they could not go to their usual stores. The result: for the first time, the € 60 billion online purchase limit has been exceeded. But consumers were clearly not happy. Last year, a return to an almost normal life could have led to a drop in web activity.

However, according to Fevad (Federation of E-Commerce and Distance Sales), spending rose another 7% to 66.7 billion euros. The good old physical jobs can therefore be a concern: many cyber shoppers have no intention of changing their habits, even if the health crisis is over.

This enthusiasm, in the mirror, is great news for retailers, whose numbers continue to grow. But it comes with the growing demands of increasingly sophisticated customers. Interface ergonomics, variety and security of payment methods, flexibility of home or store delivery methods, live information and tips …

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The services offered must be increasingly specialized. However, not all sites manage to keep up. The gap is even widening between the first climbers and those who mock the client. To differentiate each other, our list is more useful than ever.

Designed in partnership with the Institute of Statisticians, this exceptional test desk enabled the selection of 600 platforms from more than 10,000 registered in our database, thanks to a battery of 53 different technical criteria, complemented by a survey of Internet users. Launched in 2018, this quality label has since become a reference, and more and more companies are proud to claim it. In order to maintain it, the latter must respect their obligations, with the risk that users on social networks will quickly call them to order. A virtuous circle.

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Survey method

To establish this fifth edition of the best e-commerce sites, Capital once again invited the Institute of Statisticians, one of the largest portals of economic statistics in the world. Its experts first updated a database containing more than 10,000 commercial sites, according to their audience and their activity. Remember that in order to be involved, they must sell products that are in stock in France and the general public. Markets and platforms for exchange between individuals are therefore not present.

The pages were then tested against 53 criteria (ergonomic quality, payment security, delivery methods, after-sales service, etc.). In addition, 3,000 online shoppers were asked to give a more subjective opinion about the homepage of the website. In the end, a score of 10 was established. Depending on the importance of the analyzed sector, the number of winners varies from 5 to 20.

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