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SEO is it just an SEO issue on the internet? If we think from the point of view of the meaning of the term SEO: Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization, we could say it stops there!

It looks a bit like Community Manager which is translated into French as community animator. CM animates the community, and can stop at this mission as well. Apart from the fact that in both cases, SEO is like community management, many things are hidden behind, and even more over the years. If these 2 professions are not divided, they will gradually, unfortunately, become comprehensive universes or rather poorly perceived by companies.

SEO and web writing: don’t confuse them!

SEO is not just writing texts and keywords!

As such, it should not be confused with Web Editor or an SEO writer, who is mostly content-oriented rather than technical. By technique we mean optimizing a website and coding it, as well as many aspects that allow a site to be made perfectly SEO friendly.

The technical side is rather attributed to the SEO expertwho will also know all the tricks web writing and its optimization, but without being an editor. This does not rule out that an SEO expert can be a great writer and technician at the same time.

Complex? Yes and no, if we take the time to fully understand the universe, the goals to be achieved and the way SEO should evolve in 2022 and beyond. It remains complex if we do not dig deep and if we are not really interested in it. However ! No company that has a website and wants to do business online should miss SEO.

It must therefore Consider both aspects of SEO : technical and editorial and selection of the right service providers.

What exactly is SEO?

In the strict sense of the word, it is a possibility gain visibility on the internet through its website and the content it spreads. SEO requires technical and editorial skills when it comes to content production and positioning it as close as possible first google position.

And if we often just pick up Google, this is just a monopoly, but all search engines remain concerned when it comes to SEO.

Another term used, natural referencing, which reports free levers to optimize its positioning on search engines. However, I’ve put that more under SEO because we don’t actually talk about the technical side of the site when we bring it up.

It’s a very simplistic definition, but behind it lies a multitude of things and skills that you need to take full advantage of this lever. This is the reason why we also note that SEO is practiced correctly and with quality only by experts, such as. SEO agencies like look at free SEO on small tasks.

When we talk about a web editor or SEO editor in particular, only content comes into play. These profiles can optimize content, generally an editorial, so that it can be better positioned on search engines.

Content is no longer enough in SEO

Except that the content alone is not enough to achieve this positioning goal. There is a whole technical aspect to the website where the content is located, which is important. This is almost the most important part because it provides the basis on which the web editor or SEO editor as they are called will then work.

Content is no longer enough in SEO

It is clear that even if the editor optimizes the content perfectly, it will be useless if the page does not meet the rules that are directly or indirectly adopted by search engines, especially Google. In order to hope for good SEO, the page must load quickly, be on HTTPS, have its code that is SEO friendly, regularly distribute content, change long and short articles, etc.

Even following these rules, you are just starting your business in SEO, because it is the basis on which the web editor will work.

SEO is all about authority and popularity!

Authority in SEO is undoubtedly one of the most important criteria for integration! For many years the importance feedback to gain that authority. But today that is not enough! but because of the great competition, but also because companies are increasingly integrating the need to use SEO.

SEO competition

Authority is a kind of index through which Google assesses your legitimacy in space, a particular topic, in order position yourself on his browser. The more authority you have, the better your positioning will be (usually).

Some will say that it can be put in opposition to the semantic cocoon, a technical point that will come to strengthen this authority, to replace it in certain cases (to check). Working on authority in conjunction with a semantic cocoon will only get better. Yes, it’s starting to get a little complicated!

Learn more: A complete guide to the semantic cocoon

Semantic sleeve in SEO

In terms of popularity, it can go beyond the internet scene and gain beyond that, in the real and physical world. Popularity is associated with exposure both online and offline.

You gain this authority with your expertise, your media coverage and all this leads to your business becoming better known, and thus your site offering services and / or products. That’s what SEO is all about today, but not only!

Where will SEO stop from 2022.

First ! you should know that when your site is fully optimized with the content that follows, you will be one of the people who usually do well in SEO. Without going into details, we imagine that everything is well done according to the rules.

From there, in 2022, you are just beginning! These are the new foundations to be laid, unless your popularity and authority are already fully rooted. If you have a job for many years and you have become a reference, apart from being published, then all is well for you. But that is not the case with everyone.

Where will SEO stop in 2022?

So what to do to gain popularity and how to access SEO in 2022? Let’s take a look at some levers that will increase your popularity even more, and at the same time your visibility.

The social network

Therefore, in 2022 it will be necessary to show and use the exposure levers at your fingertips. To do this, there are already social networks. So that ! if we take into account web traffic sources, of which social traffic is a part, is already integrated into the search for visibility that is achieved in SEO. But if we tell you that you have to be present everywhere today, it changes the situation because it will require real work of presence on different channels, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, but also Pinterest, the right SEO marketing lever.

This is where one or more community managers will be directly involved in SEO. So, yes, community management fits into SEO when we talk about social traffic. Social networks in SEOit will not improve your search engine positioning, but it will help send positive signals, which will lead to better visibility and thus more traffic to your website.

It has been said, however, not so long ago, that it is useless to be present everywhere. However, it is still necessary to take into account the recurring content, to be relevant and high quality with the establishment of an editorial line specific to each social network. A real job that involves time and qualified staff.

Use webinars

Webinars are a leverage in SEO and not a direct source that brings traffic. It is, therefore, an indirect source that will enable the company and / or its representatives, its experts, to gain popularity. Therefore, the question is to introduce yourself, talk about your work, expose yourself through proven expertise and through that you look for turnover and work. The goal is to bring everything back to the website to generate traffic and leads if it’s a business.

Use webinars

Speak at public events

Why stop at webinars when you can talk about events, and thus expose the subject of expertise or otherwise. Another advantage of the vis-à-vis webinar is that it allows you to physically meet people, potential customers and to present your business in a relaxed atmosphere.

This way you will create a relationship and as such you will have sympathy and empathy to be more useful to gain popularity.

Contribute to presentations in specialized media

Some popular and / or specialized online media in your universe are always looking for experts to talk about a topic that is in trend or that asks many questions. We can also talk about chestnut trees for which we invite a number of experts to give a point of view or future vision of the profession, for example.

Here again, you have to show off, expose your expertise and indirectly talk about your site, with the additional possibility of getting feedback on the media.

Become an influencer?

Why not ! if we have to take into account that in my opinion it is not a goal to be achieved, but more a “finality” that refers to his work and his expertise. It is clear that you become an influencer by doing things well, but not trying to become one. Influence therefore and indirectly has its place in SEO.

Become an influencer

In conclusion

If SEO remains a story of visibility, today we can say that all the leverage is good to download even off the internet. Especially when it comes to gaining popularity, which will indirectly lead to your website.

At this stage, SEO is no longer a matter of keywords, optimized writing, but also mass exposure to all possible channels, whether online or offline. If a website or company owner becomes an influencer in the long run, this will clearly contribute to increasing its visibility.

If every lever and every store still has to stay in place, we can say that each of them can be integrated into the SEO business.

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