The newest concepts from Meta and TikTok to enhance digital well-being

(ETX Daily Up) – Digital well-being is on everyone’s lips. Social networks are doubling their inventiveness in order to improve the experience of their users and, at the same time, restore their image. Meta and TikTok are no exception and are discovering new tools to help Internet users evolve better on social media, with full knowledge of the facts.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the time in front of the screen has only increased. A consequence that exacerbated the disease, especially among the youngest. TikTok, which is widely appreciated by the younger generation, decided to give its users the keys to better manage and understand their online presence. A way to empower Internet users.

Notify users of their time in front of the screen

As of this Thursday, June 9, TikTok is setting up a dashboard that combines a wealth of data on each user’s activities on the platform: daily usage time, number of app openings during the day, and distribution of time spent day and night. Valuable data that allows you to better understand your behavior on the social network.

Users can also adjust the time spent in the app per session. How to set limits every time you run an app. Users can already choose the time limit for use per day. “Specifically, messages will appear on the screen inviting them to pause after a certain period of continuous use of the application, which they will define in advance,” states TikTok.

But the Chinese social network goes even further. Starting in July, users aged 13 to 17 who have spent more than 100 minutes on the app in one day will receive weekly messages explaining front-screen time-limiting tools available directly on TikTok. The new guide will also be available at the social network’s security center to encourage “users to think holistically about how they spend their time online – whether on TikTok or elsewhere – and how they feel,” the Chinese giant said in a press release.

To develop these new tools, TikTok relied on a study conducted in partnership with the Internet Matters Association, among parents and adolescents in France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Results? “Self-regulation”, ie the ability to manage one’s own behavior on social networks, is favored by younger generations who want to adopt “healthy digital habits”. The latter also underlined the importance of some flexibility regarding the time limit in front of the screen by days: the day before the exam, rainy afternoon … “The study shows that young users would welcome the introduction of features and tools to encourage them to think critically about their time. networks. It is important that they feel in control of their online experiences and that they are supported to make information-based decisions, ”said Carolyn Bunting, CEO of Internet Matters.

A series for teaching children good manners

To empower its users, Meta Group has launched a series dedicated this time directly to children. Available on Messenger Kids, a “kids’ ”version of Facebook messaging, the series called“ Pledge Planets ”consists of four episodes. Users will explore four planets to learn more about the behaviors to adopt online. Kindness, Patience, Respect or Security: Topics will be covered through interactive games and explanatory videos.

Content for directly engaging users and dealing with problems they encounter on social media.

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