The social community MYM walks the wire with pornography

Pierre Garonnaire and Gaspard Hafner walk on a tightrope. Creators of 2019 social network MYM – an acronym for “I. You. More ”- two friends and partners have been trying for several months to get rid of the sulfur image of their platform burdened with paid erotic and pornographic content, but which contribute to increasing the company’s traffic, even if we do not have precise figures on revenue generated by this type of content. ” On MYM I do everything from A to Z, but I also have more freedom than on filming. It’s great: if you try, it can start quickly, while in the production we are paid only for our stage, and then nothing. ” convinces a sex worker interviewed by the Madmoizelle site.

Since the beginning of the MYM adventure, the two partners’ promise has been simple: create a new, more virtuous social network model, with no product placement or sponsorship, distinguished by a close relationship between fan and amateur subscribers and professional content creators. To use MYM, you must be of legal age and pay between € 9.99 and € 44.99 to access the exclusive photos and videos of the influential people who follow.

But some creators quickly embraced the concept to promote their bodies, and sometimes even pornographic content. This would now represent 20% of those broadcast on the platform according to MYM, which has not bothered the two founders so far. ” When you look at most of the content of social networks like Instagram or Twitter where the same thing is massively exposed and monetized, I don’t see why we should ban it. Especially since MYM frames things very precisely, unlike the others. ” defended Pierre Garonnaire ua exchange presented on the if Saint-Etienne website in early November.

MYM is not the only online platform living with this contradiction between the sulfur image, access to adult content and related economic benefits: Onlyfans, notoriously open to pornographic content, therefore had to reconsider their decision to ban X content .

60 million business volumes for MYM

In almost three years of existence, the platform has managed to win ” 8 million fans and 200,000 creators, a third of whom are active on a weekly basis. ” . The most successful content creators can see that their revenue exceeds one million euros in annual turnover. Those who are simply active earn an average of 15,000 euros a year, which is a significant additional income. Among them are ” many reality TV actors, but not only, there are also personalities like Djibril Cissé “, says Gauthier Lapeyronnie, Marketing Director of MYM. The former professional footballer, a French international, joined the network in early July to share lifestyle content.

The social network – which has always limited its communication and marketing around its brand – now insists on the security and diversity of the profiles present. ” Last year, we launched B2 our platform, which has already enabled us to accelerate the employment of our creative center and to diversify the verticals they offer. Today we have a lot of athletes, photographers, yoga teachers, there is a great variety of profiles. ” assures the director of marketing, happy to announce the arrival of Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.

To further accelerate at this point, and its development in France, but especially abroad, especially in the United States where the startup intends to show ” more offensive in its marketing strategy “MYM has issued an envelope worth 5 million euros,” in order to support all creators in funding their content production, in improving their content, in developing their community and creating more traffic. ” . The amount allocated to this fund, named MYM Creators Fund, represents ” almost a tenth of the company’s business volume of 60 million euros, a significant amount for a small structure “ emphasizes Gauthier Lapeyronnie.

Professionalize content

Creators – already registered or not on the platform – will be able to apply to hope to see funding for all or part of their project. ” You do not need any special criteria other than those already established to become a creator. We want to fund great creators who want to develop new formats, but also discover lumps that are still in the development phase. ” , assures Gauthier Lapeyronnie. However, you will need to have at least 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Influencers are at the forefront of their own trade and we are helping them develop their business model. ” which requires better identification ” what attracts their fans » underlines the Chief Marketing Officer who describes MYM as “ business partner ” and not just the host. To play this role, the social network indicates that it creates marketing tools for creators such as automatically sending pushes as soon as new content is published and participates in their training to help them professionalize their content and their communication. A vision that resonates clearly recent forecasts by GP Bulhound Bankwho believes that the market for creators is in full swing and will be structured.

Knowing that the startup intends to double the turnover, the envelope of the Mym Creators Fund could also fly away.

Proliferation of protective measures

However, it’s hard to imagine MYM Creators Funds coming to fund pornography, especially since the goal is to increase community. However, this specific content is not visible to the public, but only to subscribed fans. To prove its good intentions, MYM emphasizes its moderation. Current topics such as social networks are increasingly being questioned their shortcomings, like Facebook again recently. Within MYM this moderation has several forms.

First, it goes through deanonymization and identity verification. Fans who want to register must first register their age. ” This step is declarativerecognizes Pierre Garonnaire, but the ambition is to move on ” thanks to a camera that will scan faces to assess their age and revise registrations in case of doubt. For subscribers, a bank card serves as a second bulwark. “They have to give their bank card number and respond to the 3D Secure procedure. Minors do not have a bank card ” explains the leader.

In terms of content, MYM opted for moderation prior to publication. ” Until the content suggested by the contributors is moderated, it is not published on the platform. Very little content remains unpublished because certification and moderation prevent such behavior, ” developed a co-founder. Human moderation will soon no longer be the only protection. This one will passcompletely, before December 31, under artificial intelligence and a layer of manual moderation will exist on sensitive content ” explains Gauthier Lapeyronnie.

This team, which numbered about ten people until October, is in the process of expanding to 20 members. Proof that this type of content will not disappear overnight. But if they are not denied access to the platform, these “should not be made public“, Assures Pierre Garonnaire. In case of error, they are reclassified as a private position. If the behavior is repeated voluntarily, “the creator receives several warnings, after the third time his account may be suspended “ . The system also prevents you from being able to save or download content.

The ethics committee is responsible for monitoring this change

To oversee its approach a little more, the platform has set up an ethics committee made up of personalities such as Géraldine Salord, an intellectual property lawyer, Thierry Berthier, a cybersecurity expert, Odile Chagny, an economist, a platform specialist and social disruptor caused by digital or Danielle Bousquet, President of the CIDFF National Federation (Women’s and Family Rights Information Center).

Dedicated to women’s rights, the latter did not want to answer Maddyness about his work within MYM – which has not yet begun – but recognizes his desire to put an end to certain content such as pornography. “But for that I have to talk to my ‘teammates’ “. she admits.

Asked about the topic, Mym casts doubt, pointing out that ” IDanielle Bousquet’s appointment comes as part of the establishment of our independent ethics committee, which, with full independence, will ensure the exemplary nature of the platform on many topics, including overseeing access to sensitive content. ”

For MYM, the coming months will therefore be crucial. They will make it possible to see the possible influence of the ethics committee and see if the company can continue to play on all fronts.

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