TikTok: these social networking concepts to advertise digital well-being!

Do you know digital well-being? MCE TV reveals some ideas on TikTok to promote this feeling!

In the last few weeks, digital well-being has been circulating on social media. Discover new features on TikTok to help users grow better on social platforms. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

New tools to help young people get better

It’s no surprise that the TikTok app grew during the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, many Internet users have joined the entertainment platform.

Of course, the time in front of the screen only increased. And it not only has positive effects, on the contrary! People who spend too much time on TikTok have trouble sleeping.

Some also suffer from weakness. Moreover! Young people suffer from bullying or depression. Too much is too much for TikTok, who therefore decided to help users feel good in the app.

So, from today, TikTok installs a control panel which then has some data on the activities of each user on the platform.

That way you can find out how much time you spend there. But also the number of app openings during the day, and distribution of time spent day and night.

One thing is for sure, these data are very important. Because it will help you develop a sense of “well-being”. And if you’re feeling bad, TikTok’s new tools will allow you to set limits every time you run the app.

TikTok goes even further

Proud of this new change, the Chinese giant has therefore stated: “So the messages will appear on their screen. To invite them to take a break after a certain time of using the application, which they will choose just before ”.

And that’s not all! For the benefit of young people aged 13 to 17 who have passed more than 100 minutes on the application in one day, TikTok plans restrictions! This is what our colleagues from La Depeche say.

Starting in July, they will receive messages explaining the time-limit tools available on TikTok. »

The goal is to encourage “Young people to think holistically about how they spend their time online – whether on TikTok or elsewhere – and how they feel “Then he continues the application in his press release.

No doubt, “Self-Regulation” has convinced Instagram competition. Many young people practice this in order to adopt “healthy habits”.

Carolyn Bunting, CEO of Internet Matters, is sure that young people will like this technique: “Younger users would therefore welcome the introduction of tools that challenge them to think critically about the time they spend online. It is important that they feel in control of their experiences. And to help them make elections. “

For several months, TikTok continues to evolve. The settings are gradually changing to make internet users feel safe.

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