TikTok: why do celebrities now not help the social community?

Why do more and more stars seem to no longer support the TikTok app at all? We will explain everything to you!

The the stars are pounding TikTok! But what happened? MCE TV tells you everything!

TikTok annoys the stars

With each passing minute, the Chinese social network is becoming more popular. The one that experienced a big boom during the first closure in 2020 is set today among the most used applications in the world.

But for some time now, the planet of humans has seemed annoyed by TikTok. Especially by the stars of the music industry. The latter really condemn the pressure their label has endured to make a buzz on the platform.

Labels really ask their artists to use TikTok hype to promote their work. Between the exclusively revealed clips and the videos that will be shared on the social network, the labels ask that singers are increasingly present. What tends to annoy them!

Indeed, these others are online in the race for clicks and likes. What they don’t necessarily want to participate in!

But why do labels ask so much? Well simply because they realized the great potential of the Chinese platform.

You should know that buzzing is a a section of a song split on TikTok increases the number of releases on Spotify! So it generates more money. Without too many surprises.

Indeed, the platform rewards artists or rights holders according to the number of titles released. The more you listen, make as much money as possible!

TikTok: why do celebrities no longer support the social network?

No buzzing, no song

How hard it is to be a singer in 2022! Labels, conscious great potential of the platform TikTok does everything to make the most of it. What annoys the stars of the song.

And with good reason: labels are now radical in their choice. If the title is not popular on TikTok, it will not see the light of day! From now on, therefore requires a “peak of virality” to prove that the song deserves to be published and that its success will be guaranteed.

Some kind of blackmail that would also be common in the middle. At least if we do believes the testimony of singer Halsey, divided (ironically) on TikTok.

“I have a song that I love and that I would like to release as soon as possible. But my label is against it. Despite the fact that I have been in business for more than 8 years and that I have sold 165 million records. Until the song goes viral on TikTok, it will not be released. » she says.

“I’m tired, I deserve better. » she finally let go. The young artist is not he is not the only one who has complained about this new method of labeling.

Gavin DeGraw, for his part, pushed the song to let it be known that he was not happy. “I don’t want to be on TikTok, but my label told me I had to”: “I don’t want to be on TikTok, but my label tells me I have to.” he sang.

That’s right problem or big organized publicity? Stay with us, up close.

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