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2022 will be a new year for us with the entry of Abondance into the closed world of Black Hat SEO! And to begin with, Olivier Andrieu is launching a new Formaseo SEO training course on Black Hat to make many methods of manipulating Google and Bing algorithms available to as many people as possible …

After providing 7 training courses for SEO 1 and 2 levels, it’s time for Formaseo to raise the speed and offer a Black Hat SEO Training of high quality, surrounded by the best experts in this field.

Indeed, it is common knowledge that currently SEO is now mostly Black Hat. The world of the White Hat has become a more confidential market and it seemed logical to us to evolve, to go fast and update our strategies. Few people know that, but for over 20 years, we experiment with many Black Hat techniques so as not to “lose our hand” and keep us informed on a daily basis about Black Hat’s best (or worst, in that case) practice. Today we decided to offer everyone these techniques that allow you to achieve great results in SEO very quickly.

The concept of Black Hat SEO is indeed often misunderstood, but it corresponds to the deliberate choice that the instructions issued by search engines do not apply to the letter (without taking any illegal action in the eyes of the law, of course). For this reason, these two Black Hat SEO cycles will be added to our Formaseo training.

Black Hat SEO Level 1 SEO Training: Padawan BH

Training program Formaseo Black Hat SEO it is designed in two parts. Primarily, Level 1 on the basics of Black Hat SEO, in 104 videos and 12 chapters. Each module can be taken independently, and a one-hour question and answer session will be scheduled for the end of the week.

  • The discovery of the world of the Black Hat.
  • Difference between guidelines private enterprise and law.
  • Content optimization and integration of environmental keywords.
  • How to integrate competing brands into your SEO strategy.
  • How to protect yourself from duplicate content.
  • Design your internal links to get engines to like your sales pages.
  • Hosting optimization and caching script.
  • Interest in DNS server duplication.
  • Canonical, hreflang… how to use them wisely.
  • Customize resources according to the user agent.
  • A / B testing and SEO impact.
  • How to find free links to feed your site.
  • How to get Google to index your page or refresh the engine cache.
  • How to protect yourself from the risk of hacking, malware, DDOS, etc.

This first level was confirmed by a life-size test, with the participation of participants in an internal competition for a keyword created for the occasion, using the techniques described during the training.

Black Hat SEO Training for SEO level 2: Palpatine BH

But of course, any knowledge hungry SEO will want to go further. So, once the basics of black hat SEO are assimilated, the module “Advanced level 2“then offers many chapters, including the following, among the most attractive and practical, which will make you a staff in the field:

  • Discover how to make backlinks in Flash.
  • Turn Internet Explorer 6 into a smart and fast bot to automate your SEO tasks.
  • How to imitate to do “self-negative SEO”.
  • Register your page on the AOL portal: all the tips (3rd will surprise you).
  • How to get feedback from Minitel service.
  • Do black hat SEO without going through a prison box and without paying 50 €.
  • Semantic concon: the pinnacle of artificial intelligence.
  • Turn your company’s old fax machine into a phishing machine.
  • How to Make Core Web Vitals Google’s No. 1 SEO Criterion.
  • Use Club-Internet 20h free CDs to connect to get better CF / TF.
  • Create fake Persons in the mass thanks to Caramail.
  • Discover the best Blackhat SEO forums (according to the backpacker guide to the best bars in your city).
  • Learn how to mine cryptocurrencies with the Nokia 3310.
  • IPv666: the protocol of hell in SEO.
  • How to hack NASA servers to create satellite pages.
  • PBN (Petit Biscuit Nantais) at everyone’s fingertips: an exclusive recipe!
  • Sunstroke: how to treat your coats with our homemade ointment (the famous Reference Balm from Dr. Mamadou S. Richard).
  • Personal brand: how to organize Black Hat conferences where their mother would be hit in an SEO camp (and ruin the lives of speakers with white hats in other rooms).
  • As a bonus: the most beautiful black hat tattoos: anchors, pirates, tribal, naked Paul Sanches and Alan CladX, care bears (oh no, sorry, not that one, sorry …).

Videos that will undoubtedly make you one of the biggest SERP manipulators the Web has seen in years. Google will hate you (or try to recruit you to tell them how to do it)! You will go through training Formaseo Black Hat SEO a level at which the famous Houdini himself will envy you (but, not insightfully, he will send you a free dedication for every ordered workout)!

Through training Formaseo Black Hat SEO, you will be able to shamelessly cheat, manipulate search engine algorithms and be proud to explain it during family meals. Your father-in-law will finally understand what you are doing and you will be able to wear your Zorro mask, forgotten in an old suitcase of childhood toys, as an aperitif, like any self-respecting pirate, and without the risk of being ridiculed.

Finally, know that this entire program would not have been possible without the contributions of the eternal David-Alan C. Bigfish, a regular on Abondance, once a year, and who knew how to make all his perfect knowledge of Black Hat SEO available. Thank you to him for contributing to the development of the program (in 2 levels) of this amazing training.

Training Formaseo Black Hat SEOthe The SEO training you need !!

PS: You must have understood the purpose of this post by looking at today’s date. Don’t reveal anything, neither in the comments below, nor on social networks. I will delete comments that are too “descriptive” 😉 😉 today to keep the magic of the Black Hat alive for a few more hours “

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