when social networks change into obligatory

It is important for a company to take advantage of new technologies to present itself. In the field of digital marketing, social networks are among the most effective communication channels for reaching the target audience.

Number of followers or subscribers, a good indicator of popularity

The race for subscribers is raging on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. In fact, the number of followers is a very good indicator of popularity. It allows you to gain visibility and optimize your impact.

Social networks necessary for digital marketing

The more subscribers your site has, the more credible your business will be with Internet and mobile users. A large community will positively influence the perception of the brand, attract more audiences and convince partners and investors.

Gathering a large number of subscribers on social networks, however, requires a lot of work and a lot of time. It is necessary, among other things, to feed the page with relevant content (videos, photos, etc.), to connect social networks, etc. ” If you want speed up the process, buying followers on Instagram to increase your influence on social media is a good idea, ”explains Mr. Marchand, an employee of a company specializing in buying Instagram followers. Today, many sites offer this option. Various formulas tailored to all budgets are available. They usually include more than 1,000 “quality” subscribers.

The importance of follower quality

Even if a large community positively influences the opinion of people on the site, a low rate of engagement with its content can ruin everything. For information, the engagement rate corresponds to the percentage of reactions to each post (likes, comments, shares, etc.) in relation to the number of views. It therefore allows determine the share of active subscribers within the community. Basically, if a video posted on Instagram, for example, is seen by 100 people and only 5 react, the resulting engagement rate will be 5%.

Therefore, it is not necessary to have a large number of followers if the engagement rate is very low. That is why it is important to always bet on the quality of the subscriber before the quantity. This way you will surely benefit from an engagement rate proportional to the number of your followers, which will greatly improve your credibility.

Social networks, the most effective platforms for reaching your target audience

Internet use has intensified significantly during the health crisis. Approximately 8 out of 10 French regularly and monthly consulted various messages and social networks according to the page Médiamétrie. Young people are the most skilful in this practice, who dedicate 3 times more time to screens.

Data collected by this site in June 2020 show that YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat are the most popular social networks for the general public with approximately:

  • 46.5 million YouTube users
  • 45.9 million Facebook users
  • 32 million Instagram users
  • 30 million users for WhatsApp
  • 22 million Snapchat users

Given these growing numbers, the networks are therefore full of potential customers for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Their use is becoming more than a priority for brand image development. You need to reach a large audience, gain visibility, optimize sales and at the same time increase traffic.

How to thrive on social media marketing?

In order to achieve the set goals, it is necessary to use social networks efficiently. As with all marketing strategies, the first thing you need to do is define your own customer persona. This will allow you to create relevant, targeted publications with high added value. Of course, it will be necessary to vary the content and adapt it to the specifics of the social network used.

Also consider interacting with consumers. Listening to their needs will allow you to innovate your products and your strategy to best meet them and anticipate their expectations. Also respond to criticism. Positive feedback will improve the image of your company, while negative remarks good ways to identify areas for improvement necessary for your strategy, your products and services.

These negative reviews will also give you the opportunity to provide an individual solution to each problem and thus show your professionalism. Instead of constantly selling, share stories, tutorials, tips, and other content to help people learn more about your company and the values ​​you hold. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags. Even in 2021, these words or phrases preceded by “#” remain one of the best ways for new people to discover them on social media.

Instagram, the social network of the moment and an effective marketing tool

In the top 3 favorite social networks of the French, Instagram is a a particularly effective marketing tool if used strategically. According to Médiamétrie, it recorded more than 30 million French users in June 2020 and more than a billion active users worldwide. It is an ideal place to build an audience, effectively reach the target audience and improve the company’s image.

The “beautiful” social network, Instagram, is essentially focused on sharing visual content. In addition to photos, other types of posts are possible on the platform, such as sponsored posts, live videos, stories, messages, IGTV videos, real and of course classic posts. All these options are an opportunity for businesses to take advantage who want to highlight their activity, discover behind the scenes events, product manufacturing process, etc.

At the heart of digital marketing strategies, social networks like Instagram are the communication tools that companies choose to present, highlight and promote their products and services. As their number of users continues to grow, these platforms are defined as the best places to increase popularity, gain new customers and build customer loyalty.


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