Why use this service?

If you want to progress and gain natural referencing skills, the SEO coaching solution is probably made for you!

In order to see more clearly, let’s analyze all the details of the latter:

What is SEO Coaching?

Simple definition of SEO coaching:

SEO coaching is a special type of SEO trainingit is often done live with an expert who teaches one or more people.

What is the purpose of such digital support?

The goal of this support is simple: to ensure that you quickly improve your skills in this area, in order to become independent and efficient as soon as possible.

As you have already understood, this is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to optimize their own page for search engines (especially Google).

The advantage of this solution:

The main advantage of this solution lies in its adaptable and direct nature: you do not follow pre-recorded training, but you benefit from the actual interaction with the teacher.

Who is SEO Coaching for?

Whether you are self-employed or working for a large company, seek support from SEO coach is certainly one of the best options you have.

As long as your main goal remains to train you in SEO, and then to act on your own, this solution will satisfy you… provided you call the right trainer!

What is a good SEO coach?

google seo coaching

That’s it, you know that SEO coaching is the solution that suits you ? Now you need to find the right person to support you in developing your skills.

But other than that, what is a good SEO coach?

A good coach is first and foremost a good consultant

Would you trust a coach who has never proven himself as a technician? If you follow our publications on LEPTIDIGITAL, you know that we advocate expertise and quality in all areas of digital marketing.

Therefore, it is good to take any information about the level of the coach as an SEO consultant and can allow you to sort out different proposals.

Look for an educational SEO coach

If there is one criterion to consider when choosing a coach, in any field, it is coach pedagogy.

As we know, SEO is an area that is not easy to access and that requires the acquisition of a large amount of knowledge (vocabulary, SEO logic, etc.). But don’t worry, during the training hours you will talk about netlinking, indexing analysis and semantics!

How long does good SEO coaching last?

Depending on the needs of the student, training in natural referencing can take several hours training, but also whole months of monitoring and learning in some cases.

For example, if you start at 0 and want to achieve a good level of natural referencing, you will need several months of support.

What is the average cost of SEO coaching?

Generally, coaching by an SEO freelancer will cost you around € 100 per hour. A good rhythm of training would be, for example, 2 hours a week, applying and checking the knowledge gained in the meantime on your side.

This rhythm would therefore cost you around € 800 per month and could be maintained for 6 months, which would give a total price of € 4,800.

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Guest article written by Paul Vengeons

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