▷ 5 native website positioning optimizations to be performed in 2022

Once again, Google Local SEO grew in late 2021 and early 2022. There have been many changes such as updating the “Vicinity” algorithm and changing Google Local Packages in search results. You need to be prepared and optimize where you will have an impact on your local positions. So I will give you the best optimizations for 2022 …

1) Optimize your Google business profile

The first factor that should not be overlooked is the optimization of your Google My Business profile, I mean the Google Business profile.

Are you a company? Want to enjoy better visibility in your city in 2022? Optimizing your Google business profile is one of the local SEO tips that you should definitely opt for.

Indeed, there are many facilities in your location that offer the same services as you. Each has a list and wants to appear at the top of Google results. If you want to stand out, it is therefore important that yours be optimized.

You now have free self-service tools to help you quickly revise your file. Feel free to use them.

Select the appropriate category

Poor category selection can make all the difference in local SEO!

Some see an improvement in the situation in the next few days after the changes. However, be careful not to change your category without the help of an expert, you could be penalized by suspending your Google list.

One of the points you need to pay special attention to in order to optimize your listing is the category. In fact, it tells Internet users about your sector of activity. If you want to attract potential customers, you need to be well informed.

Note that there are two types of categories.

  • The first is the so-called chief. It indicates what you are;
  • The second provides more details about the type of services you offer.

To make a relevant category choice, you need to refer to the keywords that best describe your business. The one that constantly appears in your searches is the main category. Others will be included in the secondary. However, make sure they are meaningful and local.

Enter your details

In order for your Google My Business listing to be optimized, you must also fill in all your information. Indeed, they allow Internet users to identify and contact you. Among the information that must be provided on the form is your phone number. It is important to be functional and unique. In addition to the telephone contact, you will need to specify your business hours. To do this, you just need to choose from different Google Business Profile suggestions.

You should also update them if you make changes regularly.

Put quality photos

Your Google Business Profile should also include photos of your business. It usually takes at least 10. However, keep in mind that you should not photograph anything. In reality, you need photos:

  • The facade of your brand name building;
  • Inside your premises;
  • Management team;
  • Products or services.

However, you need to take care of the image quality. They must not be retouched, but clean. In this way, you will attract the attention of Internet users, but also Google. There are more tips for photos on Google My Business, but here are the basics.

2) Have a well-optimized website for local SEO

Do you know that Google reviews your website to better point to your Google business profile?

To benefit from better local visibility in 2022, it is also essential that you have a well-optimized website. Indeed, it has a close connection to Google’s business profile. Leaving it intact when optimizing your listing can affect your local positioning and the number of leads you convert daily. If you want to make better sales in your region, you also need to take care of optimizing your website. There are several alternatives available to you.

Internal connection

Internal linking is a very popular technique in SEO. It is actually the interconnectedness of the pages of a website that aims to make them easier for search engines to find. If you want your online store to be better positioned on Google, do not hesitate to use this method.

Content optimization

Content optimization is another technique you can use to enjoy better SEO. In reality, Google ranks search results according to their relevance to an Internet user’s request. By including keywords in your text and bolding them, you increase the chances of your website appearing among the first Google suggestions.

Adjust mobile display and page load fluidity

In addition to content optimization, you can improve the SEO of your website by increasing its display on a mobile device. Indeed, the appearance problems that internet users encounter when browsing your site from the phone can lead to many frustrations. This could even affect the traffic to your website. The same is true when it takes a few minutes for your pages to load. If you want to enjoy better visibility, make sure they are more fluid.

3) Collect reviews regularly and respond to Google reviews

When it comes to local SEO, customer reviews play a very important role. Indeed, they not only increase your notoriety, but also the number of visitors you attract. If you want to benefit from better positioning in 2022, you need to make sure you pick them regularly.

Are Google My Business Reviews helpful or not?

The presence of keywords in the comments will also attract the attention of search engine algorithms. Plus, know that you shouldn’t just collect reviews from your customers. It is also important that you respond to your Google reviews. This shows Google and potential customers that you are active.

It is also an opportunity to convince your clients when negative opinions are expressed without any real basis. In addition, it is advisable to have opinions on other platforms such as Facebook. In addition to increasing your visibility, it makes you recognizable. So what are you waiting for to adopt this strategy?

4) Track your local positions with the tool to know how to track its results

What is the purpose of optimization if you cannot track your results?

Tracking your local positions is another step you need to take to improve the local SEO of your business in 2022. In reality, you can’t become an authority overnight. This is because local SEO improvements only happen gradually. Therefore, it is important that you closely monitor your positioning on Google. A few tools can help you achieve this.

This includes:

  • LocalRanker: Tracks local positions on Google and Google Maps and tells you you’re in the local package (top 3 on Google);
  • SEMrush: tracking SEO keywords and search volume.
  • Myposeo: Tracking on Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Whichever one you choose, know that it will certainly review your results and let you know if your visibility has improved or not.

5) Cite directories to improve your web visibility

To achieve a better position in Google results, quoting directories is another strategy you can choose. Indeed, by mentioning your name, address, phone contact, and URL, they improve your online presence. This is all the more useful because the directories of the reference platform are both global and regional.

By distributing your information about them, your Google My Business profile can therefore only benefit from better local referencing. For best results, prefer to list your information in a directory that Google uses frequently. Yellow pages, sector-specific registers and city directories are some examples.

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