Do you know that particular “Instagram”? Listed here are 3 superb factors you actually do not learn about this well-known social community!

Millions of people gather on Instagram every day. The latter has significantly moved from a trendy application to a real marketing network. Also, if you think you know everything about this social network, here are a few facts that might surprise you.

The origin of the filter on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most commonly used apps for applying filters to a photo. However, this was not always the case. Indeed, the idea was found during an exchange between Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, and his wife. The latter did not want to use the application because the photos taken with her phone were of poor quality. That’s why she preferred photos of the couple’s mutual friend who used filters.

Kevin saw that she was comparing her ability to take photos with friends who would use filters on photos, Kevin made the first filter on instagram x pro 2. And shared the first photo on instagram.

After this conversation, the entrepreneur realized that the lack of filters could be a blockade for users. So he made the first Instagram filter called “X PRO II” with Photoshop to overcome the problem.

The world record for the number of likes on Instagram holds the egg

There are many publications that have caused controversy on the social network Instagram. However, the post that has the most likes on the platform is not related to the celebrity or event. Indeed, the post that received the most likes is a photo of an egg.

The goal of the publication was to get the record of the most liked photo of the platform. The goal was achieved, since the announcement gathered more than 55 million likes.

Origin of the name “Instagram”

Instagram is a photo sharing app. Also, the founders of the social network wanted a name tailored to this feature. However, during the creation of the brand, most of the ideas related to photography have already been captured by other startups.

Instagram was founded and launched in October 2010 by American Kevin Systrom and Brazilian Michel Mike Krieger, and in October 2021 has more than a billion accounts.

So Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger decided to look for a name that is short, easy to write and that elicits speed. This is how they decided to combine the words “Instant” and “Telegram” to get “Instagram”.

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