Donald Trump is launching his personal social community referred to as Fact Social

Impatient users will be able to test the platform from November, others will have to wait until the beginning of 2022.

Nine months after being kicked out of social media, Donald Trump wants revenge. The billionaire yesterday announced the launch of his own sober platform called Truth Social, the network of truth.

This service, visually very similar to Twitter, is owned by the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). Structure launched especially for this occasion. It will be listed on the Nasdaq by merging with the Digital World Acquisition (DMA). An operation not yet approved by the US government for financial markets. DMA is Spac, an entity without activities aimed at raising funds by going public, before merging with a target company that wants a quick listing. According to Liz Harrington, a spokeswoman for the former US president, the TMTG group could reach an estimate of $ 1.7 billion after the merger.

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Non-awake content

The audience is well targeted. These are “silenced conservative voices”. Of course, Donald Trump supporters. The team behind the project thinks it can gather tens of millions of users. The most impatient future users will be able to join the platform from November, during the beta testing phase. To do this, you need to request an invitation and join the waiting list. Others will have to wait until the first quarter of 2022 for free access.

The TMTG group will not just walk on the beams of social networks. In its press release, the company reveals the imminent arrival of TMTG +, a video-on-demand service. It will include content qualified as “unawakened”, “entertainment, current events, podcasts and more”. The name of the leader of this project is already known. This is Scott St. John, current producer of the reality show “America’s Got Talent”

Very little information has been reported on the economic model of these two platforms. The social network seems to be working on advertising revenue, according to the terms of use. As for the VOD offer, it will work on a subscription at a price that is still unknown.

Signal sent directly to Facebook

With these new activities, the Republican billionaire claims he wants to end “Tyranny of technical giants”. The signal was sent directly to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which dropped it last January. Platforms banned him during the militant attack on the Capitol. Riots that resulted in a total of five deaths. Networks that had long hesitated to moderate the content of state representatives made a remarkable decision that day. They feared that the presidential candidate would “incite more violence” against the attackers, as indicated by the Blue Bird Network. This exclusion has not been questioned since then. For example, Facebook and its Council of Elderly confirmed this in May.

This eviction is badly experienced by Donald Trump, who is trying in every way to find a megaphone similar to Twitter. He tried to write a blog to replace his killer tweets. It will only be online for a month.

Despite its promises, the web of truth is not as open as it seems. In terms of use, there is a difficult line of meaning. It is simply forbidden to “disparage, denigrate or otherwise harm our opinion, us and / or the site”. The tone is set.

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