Donald Trump’s social community is struggling to satisfy demand

The launch of the social network caused great enthusiasm on Monday. The mobile app topped the most downloaded free software from Apple’s online store in the United States.

However, a few hours after the launch of Truth Social on the American App Store, many Internet users indicated that they do not yet have access to the social network.

Technical problems

The following message was displayed on the screen of some smartphones: Due to high demand, we have put you on a waiting list. We love you and for us you are not just a number.

Internet users who pre-ordered the application were unable to complete the registration, receiving an error message during the last step.

On the other hand, the platform was attended by personalities close to Mr. Trump, who had access to a trial version of the application even before its launch.

This is the case of elected Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, familiar with conspiracy theories, who posted footage of her first messages on Truth Social on Sunday.

As the only congresswoman whose personal Twitter account has been banned, I know what millions of conservative people have had to endure being robbed of their freedom of speech by tech giants because they didn’t want to stupidly repeat authorized speechesshe tweeted from her chosen account.

against ” annul culture »

It’s touching to see people whose voices are congested using the platformsaid Devin Nunes, referring to the culture of exile (annul culture), the idea that people are erased from the public square by popular opinion, which the right classifies as “right thinking”.

We want people to tell us what content they want on the platform, he added. Unlike the crazy oligarchs from Silicon Valley who tell people what they want to think and decide who may or may not be online.

February 21 is a holiday in the United States in honor of American presidents. Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump also plan to sell 10,000 JNF (irreplaceable tokens, certified digital objects or NFT in English) which illustrates the key moments of the mandate of the former Republican head of state.

THE TRUTH is coming … tweeted Elisa Stefanik, the No. 3 Republican Party in the House of Representatives on Friday, citing the TV series’ threatening formula Iron throne (Game of Thrones), Winter is coming ….

She posted a recording of her message on Truth Beta, a trial version of the social network: I am so happy to be at the TRUTH! Thanks to President @realDonaldTrump for his leadership. Together, America’s top patriots will SAVE AMERICA, break the technology giants and protect FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

The time of truth has comefor his part, Donald Trump Junior, the son of the former president, tweeted last Tuesday, with a screenshot of his father’s message on social media: Be ready! Your favorite president will receive you soon.

When asked by AFP, TMTG did not answer immediately.

Other competitors in the conservative arena

According to various press releases, the group has about 1.25 billion US dollars (1.6 billion Canadian dollars) to launch an attack on its competitors in the already very crowded market of popular social networks. The ultraconservative right, like Gettr, was launched in early July by former Donald Trump adviser Jason Miller, but also by Parler and Gab.

In December, TMTG announced that it had entered into a partnership agreement with Canadian video streaming platform Rumble, stating that a beta version had already been launched using their cloud service.

At age 75, Donald Trump leaves doubts about his intention to run again or not for a Republican nomination in the race for the White House.

He is the subject of investigations into the management of his taxes, about the way he would try to stay in power after the defeat, in November 2020. His management of official documents that were to be forwarded to the American National Archives was also examined.

Prior to deleting his Twitter account, the social network was Donald Trump’s favorite platform, which he used to announce the president and formulate attacks on his political opponents. He had almost 89 million subscriber accounts there, which he contacted every day.

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