Emails: how one can keep away from drowning in spam?

Online marketers can be extremely persistent. If you give them your email address to enter a contest or receive a coupon, you can expect to be literally overwhelmed by advertisements, promotional offers and more or less intricate sales proposals, all the way to ‘exhaustion’.

It is likely that the organizations to which you have entrusted your data will pass it on to partners who will also bury your inbox. The best way to avoid this feeling of overloading your inbox is to filter these messages into a separate account, where you can separate them from more important messages.

This requires at least two email accounts. Save your current email address for regular correspondence with friends, family and trusted merchants. Create a new account (Gmail or and use it for less important messages, such as ads, newsletters, and promotions that you can view whenever you want (or skip them altogether).

Two bills for more peace

Creating this new account is just the first step. It will take time and effort to remove all spam from your main account. Use the unsubscribe button to remove all mailing lists that are not useful to you. If that doesn’t stop the flow, add the sender’s address to your spam filter.

For mailing lists and other promotional messages you would like to continue receiving, change the address of your sub-account. Look for the option to change the logged email address. If there is no easy way to do this, click the unsubscribe button and then subscribe again (or don’t!) Using that secondary email address.

Also, get in the habit of using your new alternate address when signing up for a service that can cause spam. If the service proves to be important and worth promoting in the main account, you can also use the change of address option here. Set your main account’s spam filters to the most aggressive settings, then monitor the Spam / Junk Mail folder for a month or two, using the “No Spam” option if necessary to resolve false positives.

This is a long-term job. In the long run, however, your efforts will pay off! Keep in mind that this strategy can be much more sophisticated if you use Gmail filters, rules, and tags to organize messages into folders. But the simple act of creating a separate account and not giving your “real” email address to unreliable correspondents should reduce the torrent of spam in your main mailbox to a leak.


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