Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) pronounces 12 winners of the eighth version of its acceleration program

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the launch on April 5th release of its start-up acceleration program to which about fifty companies responded. After the first election in May, on June 9, he presented twelve young innovative French companies selected during a screening by a jury that brought together HPE experts and partners, especially MINALOGIC, NVIDIA, Orange, INSEAD Alumni Business Angels, La FrenchTech in the Alps and MIAI Grenoble.

HPE’s strategy is built around innovation and entrepreneurship. Launched in November 2014, this program, aimed at young French companies over the age of three, has already enabled more than 120 of them to use personalized support to solve problems they may face: building, structuring business, scaling, technology, marketing or communication . Then the common goals of economic development are developed.

One year of personalized support

Selected companies will be able to use for a year, starting this month:

• Support from a godfather or godmother, a senior executive at HPE, with solid experience in both a national and international network. Among them ; Laurence Commandeur (HPE France Human Resources and Employment Manager), Pierre Hoffer (HPC & AI Sales Director for EMEA), Philippe Rase (Business Planning and Global Strategic Partnership Director) and Xavier Poisson (Vice President, Global Service Providers and Cloud28 + );

• HPE’s internal and external ecosystem that integrates experts, suppliers, regulators, a network of investors, partners, domestic and international customers;

• Connecting with HPE laboratories, including those in Grenoble and Geneva, for the most innovative start-ups, allowing them to take advantage of feedback from leading experts in their fields;

• They will also be able to participate in events together with HPE, such as the recent World AI Cannes Forum or HPE Discover, the Edge-to-Cloud Conference, to be held June 28-30.

Philippe Rase, Director of Business Planning and Global Strategic Partnership, HPE, provides:

We are still launching a new edition of this program with so much enthusiasm and passion that allows us to establish real business connections and create fantastic human experiences between godparents, recognized leaders within HPE, and young start-ups or very promising innovative French companies. For this 8th edition, we will support a panel of 12 young innovative French companies mainly in the fields of responsible digital technology, artificial intelligence and especially its application in Industry 4.0, healthcare or cyber security. »

Twelve young innovative companies were selected

Odit-e is an innovative company that offers decision support solutions dedicated to electricity distribution network managers. It is based on a detailed understanding of the functioning of electrical networks, combined with a solid mastery of artificial intelligence tools, in order to develop “Physics informed AI” algorithms. ».

Its solutions improve smart meter data to support energy transition in developed countries, facilitating the introduction of renewable energy; and improving access to energy in developing countries by anticipating and reducing power outages.

Logiroad is an independent deeptech startup, publisher of software for analysis and management of traffic assets. Due to its expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, it offers massive data collection and analysis solutions for optimal road maintenance, thus significantly reducing the carbon impact of mobility.

Through its AI research laboratory and innovative partnership with research stakeholders, it combines the latest developments in deep learning with a business expertise for which it is internationally recognized, offering high value-added products.

HawAI.tech (Hardware for AI) designs hardware accelerators to provide reliable, explanatory, cost-effective, and transparent artificial intelligence (AI). This new AI, based on probabilistic reasoning that meets the current needs of the industry, requires dedicated hardware for efficient operation. Providing this hardware is the mission of HawAI.tech.

The company is currently developing FPGA (reconfigurable circuit) computing architectures that aim for x40 energy efficiency (x20 faster while consuming x2 less energy). Available from 2023, these architectures are particularly suitable for edge applications.

OWI facilitates exchanges between large companies and their customers, with a proven ROIS of between 30% and 200%. Thanks to an innovation in artificial intelligence for language comprehension, it offers a virtual assistant (chatbot, callbot, mailbot) that offers:

  • Customer support, on all written and voice channels, with ergonomics adapted to each use case,
  • Full automation of simple requirements, thanks to our connectors with your other applications,
  • Elimination of low value-added tasks (re-locking, document recognition,
  • Risk and opportunity detection, and routing optimization,
  • Advisory support.

OWI is committed to more than 95% reliability

Hydrogen Charging Solutions (HRS) democratizes access to hydrogen and facilitates the transition to green mobility.

Hydrogen Refueling Solutions (HRS) is one of the main French manufacturers of hydrogen refill stations and offers complete support including concept, design, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance of stations. From 2023, HRS will have a production capacity of 180 stations per year at its new location, compared to the current 60.

Pollen Metrology is deeptech specializes in creating artificial intelligence (AI) software to accelerate the development and production of high performance materials.

Pollen developed the pioneering AI technology (SMART Technology) for automatic analysis, creating models in a few clicks and knowing nothing about AI, all kinds of images from scanning, transmission or electron microscopes. Optics to answer problems of metrology, malfunctions and yield of production. Thanks to the modularity and scalability of its technology, Pollen now deals with global markets across the US, Europe and Asia and in various innovative areas: semiconductors, AR / VR, MicroLED, batteries, chemicals, data warehousing.

MoreHisto.ai is a startup in the world of digital health specializing in artificial intelligence for the analysis of biological and cellular microscopic images, thanks to an innovative software package.

Its missions: to accelerate research and development in the world of life sciences and respond to the daily challenges of practitioners by accelerating and making cancer diagnosis and prognosis more reliable for better efficacy towards personalized and targeted therapies for patients.

ActiveEon is a leader in providing innovative software solutions for IT automation and artificial intelligence. Its solution is crucial for organizations that are rapidly maturing towards improving the success rate of AI through the production of AI pipelines.machine learning.

By eliminating the complexity of tasks between teams and technologies, ActiveEon’s mission is to free computer scientists and engineers working in artificial intelligence from repetitive operational tasks and enable them to actively collaborate across the AI ​​channel. Its platform allows all actors involved in the AI ​​/ ML process to connect their favorite tools, share data, enable good management and automate the AI ​​pipeline.

Ezako it is AI in the service of anomaly detection in order to increase quality and operational efficiency. Ezak’s automated workflow and AI algorithms detect sensor data deviations in IoT, related devices, prototyping and production. Benefits: Reduce congestion and simplify monitoring.

A young innovative company Neuroo® offers real-time video stream processing software that puts the analytical power of artificial intelligence at the service of its customers’ decision-making.

It offers territories and video-protected locations a solution to detect anomalies and warnings that perfectly suits their needs: the fight against crime, the provision of space and events, the intensification of environmental and mobility policies, etc. Neuroo® adapts to major existing system architectures and especially for field needs, to offer a simple, robust and efficient solution that turns data into powerful performance decision-making tools.

LYTN is a company for publishing SaaS software in the field of Observability, ie operational analysis of the company’s IT infrastructure. By using artificial intelligence to analyze, predict and prescribe optimizations, LYTN improves performance and reduces the impact of IT infrastructure on the environment.

These platforms meet the needs of IT infrastructure managers (I&O leaders) in terms of operational support, needs analysis and monitoring of infrastructure activities.

Combo Announces iTop SaaS Designed to Increase Team Performance and Maximum Customer Satisfaction. From asset management to tracking contracts or communicating with clients, iTop allows you to manage all these activities on one platform. With its sophisticated interface and affordable offerings, it provides an open source software guarantee, while providing flexibility to SaaS mode solutions.

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