How does a startup turn into a unicorn?

1 out of 3 start-ups do not pass the first 3 years! These difficult observations caused by these numbers are a harsh reality for any initial business. However, they could find their salvation by working on their natural referencing (SEO) from the very beginning. There is a simple strategy proven by successful lumps. Here’s a return to recipes that work to remove your activities on Google.

The idea for this article comes after my last visit to the “Station F” campus in Paris, where dozens of promising young shoots are concentrated. Not all candidates are working on their visibility on Google. Searching for their customers works without. Still, I was surprised to see the desire of these young entrepreneurs to learn more about natural referencing techniques in order to try to rise above the water in the heart of this ocean of pages and content that Google brings together. .

Nothing more frustrating to believe in your product without being able to put it on top of the bill!

Benefits of working on SEO for a startup

  1. Low investment: Investing in improving the SEO of your website is small as it mainly consists of elbow fat and a few flavor enhancers to make it better. Elbow grease is characterized by a good technical platform to promote crawling and use of the site. Thinking about the content of the page, the intention and the goal of each page. As for boosters, this will result in a natural acquisition or payment, thematic and powerful links to go to search results.
  2. Sustainable Action: Indeed, the great advantage of SEO is that it takes effort at a given moment and is used over time. Unlike a digital investment such as buying keywords or impressions, an investment stops when your budget shrinks.

The recipe is simple, but it requires you to change the way you invest because ROI is calculated after a few months of effort (unlike SEA).

To convince those who are hesitant, know that SEO optimization will help you pay less to buy your keywords on Google Ads. Indeed, Google analyzes the relevance of a purchased keyword page: in short, you have everything you can get!

Feedback on the take-off of the future unicorn

Search Foresight had the honor of supporting startups that are now familiar to everyone: ManoMano (Monechelle), Evaneos, Cheerz, Malt (HopWork), SosAccessoires, Legal Start, etc.

The common point of all these successful start-ups is that natural search engine traffic has become a lever for growth when they reach a certain threshold of SEO optimization.

Indeed, it must be understood that every day Google discovers new companies that are imperative to return to their “core business” queries. However, the search engine must be able to present the best answers to its users: that made it successful!

The start-up website must be perfectly optimized in terms of content (text, images, video), in terms of technique (good load time, research technical structure and responsive UX) and in terms of popularity (getting recommendations from its digital counterparts). Without it, you will not be able to stand out from the competition!

Startup always starts in the sandbox!

Age counts and this difference will disappear more or less quickly depending on the intensity of your optimization efforts from the beginning of your activity. When you place your site on the Internet, Google decides to place it in SandBox. Google always puts newer pages in this “filter” until you prove yourself in terms of response quality and authority.

If we take ManoMano as an example, in the first year the site had a low SEO visibility curve and they started to grow after 2 years. The first fundraising campaigns made it possible to obtain newspaper articles from highly authoritative digital media (Strategy, Lemonde, Lesechos, etc.). The first Backlinks appeared that allowed them to generate some legitimacy in relation to Google, which kicked them out of Sandbox.

Visibility curve on SISTRIX from ManoMan

Another remarkable point in Manoman, they started very quickly with thousands of product references in their catalog. However, Google does not value a website that only offers a list of results (as well as itself). Therefore, they have taken the risk of blocking the indexing of product list pages until they meet a number of criteria:

  • SEO text of at least 300 words
  • Thirty products on the list are still available
  • Presence in wood structure
  • Business interest

They have mastered indexing their site to prevent it from being perceived as an empty shell: a page with many pages that are poorly populated or represent content present in other e-commerce sites with no added value to stand out.

Become an expert in your sector!

To become an expert in the eyes of Google, users and build brand awareness, you need to develop content around your product and what it addresses. This is called a brand content strategy. This consists of creating content on all topics that cover your activity. This writing will have at least 5 positive effects on your search engine visibility:

  • You will cover many more queries than with your simple product pages
  • You will be able to support your customers to help them decide to buy your product
  • You will get spontaneous links if your content relates to other sites
  • Google will perceive you as a relevant page in the face of the multiple intentions behind the request
  • Therefore, you will make your brand famous and strengthen your legitimacy

If we take the example of Legal Start, which offers all services to entrepreneurs from the establishment, management and completion of business. Part of their success lies in creating several thousand contents that inform entrepreneurs about all the administrative procedures that need to be carried out. Legal Start is both an information site and a company that offers support services to managers in managing their business. This content development is so ubiquitous that out of 3,154 pages per page, 85% are practical sheets!

Become “unsurpassed” in your profession

If you lack inspiration, the first thing you might be looking for is to enter your target queries and determine if PAA (People also ask) appears in search results.

Example: I am launching a new cost reporting application that 100% dematerializes the process. No more scanning, the application is connected to Uber, restaurant cash registers, SNCF, etc.

Take a look at the questions that appear in the “Cost Report” request and publish guides that offer answers to all of these questions.

List of PAAs on the “Cost Report” request on Google in November 2021

You already have a lot to do with developing your business through the economic situation, administrative and tax constraints, financing or strengthening your teams. However, if you start a business without the means to sponsor your traffic, SEO will be a good way to improve your visibility. If you also have enough to run SEA campaigns, you can first buy keywords that are missing your SEO positions. Once you’ve gained a good presence on two levers, then comes the famous SEO-SEA Synergy: Another exciting topic of our business as SEO!

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