Idea of article and web page in WordPress and website positioning – Abondance website positioning video N ° 206 – website positioning and search engine information

WordPress CMS uses article and page concepts to publish content to a website. But do these two options have an impact on SEO? Does Google make a difference? answers …

When we manage a site under WordPress CMS, we have two generic options to create content and put it online: “articles” (blog type) and “pages” (fairly static content).

Could this be a problem in SEO and, in general, how does Google access these two types of content? Our answer in this video…

The concept of articles and pages in WordPress and SEO – Video no. 206 proposed by Olivier Andrieu (Abondance). Source: Abundance

Video transcript 206: “The concept of article and page in WordPress and SEO”:

“Hello and welcome to this 206th Abundance video in which I wanted to answer a question I was asked several times, either at conferences or via email, etc. it’s the difference between the notion of an article and a page on WordPress and the potential impact it can have on SEO and the final question is: does Google see articles and pages on WordPress differently.

So, we need to explain to people who are not on WordPress the concept of article and page: in WordPress administration we have two default options for creating content: these are articles – these will be news in general, blog articles. Typically for Abundance, the articles I write every day on SEO news are articles. This is really current content, which will be followed by others, etc.

Then there is the notion of a page: these are static pages, for example a “legal notice” page, a page that will offer services, that will explain who you are, and so on. So it’s not a blog, it’s really static content and typically for example on Abondance, a site that represents the SEO training I offer. It is created as a page.

So the question is: does Google see the difference between articles and pages and does it treat articles and pages differently or in the same way. In fact, it’s exactly the same thing: Googlebot, when it comes to indexing and exploring a page, sees the url and this url contains the html code, etc. has content and images, etc. The term article and page is the internal plumbing of WordPress and Google, somewhere he doesn’t care, what he sees are websites with a repository that is url, so the article or page doesn’t matter, Google will take into account the same way, no better not worse, and in any case there is no vision of this notion of articles and pages when it comes to crawling. So, doing what you want or what seems best to you, there will be no specific SEO problems with managing posts or pages on a WordPress page.

Here is a small video, short this week, to answer this question, which has been repeated a lot, and then, of course, as usual, small videos that have a more or less close connection with what I just told you about. That’s it, thanks a lot! I wish you a great week, thank you for your loyalty and see you next week on the new Abundance video! Thanks and goodbye! 🙂 »

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