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Do you have any activity in the near zone? Are your customers geographically close to your business? Want to be visible on search engines through your website or your Google my Business / Google Business account profile? “Formaseo Level 2: Local SEO” training is made for you!

The Formaseo site now offers new level 2 SEO training Local SEO created Marjolaine Tassetspecialist in this field (Journal du Net, Partoo, BNP Paribas).

Here is a presentation of this training in numbers:

🟢 Goals :
🔹 Learn the basics of local SEO, from properly managing your business account on a Google profile (formerly Google my Business) to taking control of the visibility of your website in SERPs and “local packages”.
🔹 Understand local SEO ranking mechanisms and visibility systems.
🔹 Use a business presentation tool such as Google my Business / Google Business Profile.
🔹 Understand the importance of entering and analyzing this data.
🔹 Manage online customer reviews.
🔹 Implement a global visibility strategy (GMB, publishers, search engines) at the local level.
🔹 Implement a local content strategy.
🔹 Understand the differences between different local SEO actors.
🔹 Monitor the operations performed.

🟢 Duration : 10 hours and 18 minutes of video.

🟢 11 chapters : General information and definitions – Different publishers and their characteristics – Online presence management (Presence management) – GMB management (and part of content strategy) – Local SEO on site, cornerstone of content strategy – Links and quotes: getting recommendations – E -reputation – E-commerce at GMB – Analytics – Conclusion. You can download the complete and detailed program from the Formaseo website.

🟢 54 videos, distributed in the chapters above. Each video lasts an average of 8 to 10 minutes (the shortest is 5’15 “, the longest 19’57”).

🟢 One MCQ (20 questions) is offered at the end of each chapter.

🟢 1 final test (also in MCQ form) confirms training.

🟢 Opportunitycommunicate with the coach through comments for each video (generally 24 hour response time).

🟢 Target audience : Director / External and Internal Communications Manager – Marketing Director / Marketing Manager – Marketing Project Manager – Brand Manager – Strategic Planner – Webmaster – Web Project Manager – SEO Consultant and in general, all interested in local SEO and visibility on Google.

🟢 Prerequisites : First knowledge of SEO is recommended, as well as the fact that, if possible, you have attended the training “Formaseo level 1: basics of SEO”. It is not absolutely necessary, but most of the basics of SEO are not included in the “Formaseo level 2” training.

🟢 Price : Formaseo training is offered at a price of 299 € without tax€ 358.80 with tax for a period of one year and for one person.

Je Training is qualifies for CPF.

⮕ Download the complete presentation of Formaseo Level 2 training: Local SEO.

Regardless of your level of knowledge on this topic, Formaseo Level 2: Local SEO Training will teach you how to set a real visibility strategy on search engines and various local marketing players / publishers to optimize your sales and leads.

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And here is the presentation of Marjolaine Tasset’s training (additional information about the training can be found here):

Presentation of the training course “Formaseo level 2: Local SEO” Marjolaine Tasset. Source: Formaseo

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