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April 1, 2022

The latest research NETendances 2021, conducted by the Academy of Digital Transformation (ATN), has just been published. It talks about e-commerce in the province in 2021. Here are the most important ones.

In 2021, three-quarters (75%) of Quebec adults personally made at least one online purchase. This represents a slight decrease (-3%) compared to last year. This decrease in the percentage of online shoppers can be attributed to the fact that adults aged 55 to 64 and those aged 75 and over were less likely to shop online in 2021. The total amount of online purchases made in 2021 by adults in Quebec is about 16. $ 1 billion (+ 30% from 2019).

Based on monthly online purchases, in 2021, every month, we see the presence of a higher share of adults who shop online, compared to 2019. The biggest differences between
2021 and 2019 are observed for the months of February (+ 20%), April (+ 19%), August (+ 19%) and December (+ 18%).

In 2021, the three categories of products and services most valued by online shoppers in Quebec remain clothing, footwear, jewelry and fashion accessories, while 61% of adults bought them online, music, movies and video games make up 36% of customers. followed by the electronics category with 33% of customers.

Furthermore, the addition of new categories of products and services introduced in 2021 showed that 28% of online shoppers in Quebec bought food or drink online from a large chain of food retailers, 18% ordered home decoration products online, 15% ready-made boxes such as Goodfood, Miss Fresh, HelloFresh or Cook it, 10% booked hotels online, while 6% bought airline tickets and 3% discounts on holiday packages online.

Red = 2021, dark blue = 2020, light blue = 2019

The evolution of online shopping in 2021

In 2021, more than half (57%) of online shoppers in Quebec say the value of their online purchases in dollars has increased compared to 2020.

In 2021, 47% of online shoppers in Quebec say the total dollar value of their online purchases in 2021 rose on Amazon websites or mobile apps, while 28% confirm the same view of Quebec shopping sites.

Analysis of online purchases on various websites and mobile applications

Based on the total amount of online purchases in 2021, the survey results show that an average of 48% of online shopping purchases from Quebec were made on the Amazon site, a share of more than 7% since 2020.

As for Quebec shopping sites, 19% of purchases were made there, down 6% in one year, while 18% of purchases were made on the sites or applications of other Canadian retailers and 15% on sites or applications of other foreign retailers, comparable results compared to last year (18% and 16% respectively).

In 2021, it should be noted that one third (34%) of adults in Quebec and almost half (45%) of online shoppers in Quebec are members of Amazon Prime. Keep in mind that this increase of 8 percentage points among adults in Quebec in general and 11 percentage points is more accurate among online shoppers compared to 2020.

Is it easy to identify products from Quebec online?

Cyber ​​customers in Quebec are divided when it comes to recognizing Quebec products online (50% think it’s easy, 36% think it’s hard, and 14% don’t know or don’t want to answer).

A few words about the blue basket. In April 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a new initiative launched by the Quebec government to boost local trade was launched: the Blue Basket (lepanierbleu.ca).

As of January 2022, just over half (52%) of adults in Quebec knew about Le Panier Bleu, and in 2021, 14% of adults in Quebec used Le Panier Bleu.

When we ask adults in Quebec to assess their intentions to use the Panier Bleu website for online shopping when a transaction component is added to this platform, 17% of them think they are very likely to do so. Eventually they do the shopping, and 29% of them, very likely, for a total of 46% of adults in Quebec. What reverses the dominance of the Amazon?


For the implementation of the “E-commerce” component of the NETendances 2021 survey, data were collected from January 5 to 30, 2022, during which 1,035 adult Internet users in Quebec aged 18 and over were interviewed via the web.

These results were then weighted according to the gender, age, region, language and level of education of the respondents in order to ensure the representativeness of all Quebec adults. The maximum margin of error, according to the estimated proportion, is ± 3.0% for the adult base and the internet user base, 19 times out of 20.

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