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Site123 is one of the most popular internet website builders on the Internet. Therefore, it is possible that you are thinking about how to create your own page or even use it already. However, do you know what you will be able to do with this editor in terms of SEO optimization of your site? This is really a very important aspect, so it should not be neglected. To inform you about this, in this article we will examine the SEO parameters that Site123 has made available so that you have a fairly clear overview.

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Main SEO parameters on Site123

As we said in the introduction, SEO optimization of your website is essential to make it known. Therefore, we will cover the main SEO parameters of creating and publishing a website using the Site123 editor so that you can get the most out of it.

Meta title and description tags

One of the most important aspects of optimizing your site is meta tags. They combine the meta title and the meta description of your pages. These elements appear in search engine results, so they need to be optimized. To do this, go to the desired page from the editor provided by Site123.

Then click on the settings icon and then on “SEO”. You will be able to fill in the title of your page and its description, as it will appear on search engines. Place your keywords here and make visitors want to click, in order to get SEO significantly.

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Keyword tags

Among the tags that Site123 allows you to use, there are keyword tags. They are used to inform the important words of your pages, those to which your content refers. By personalizing your keywords, you will be able to gain valuable places in search engine results because your content will be more transparent to them.

To work on the keyword tags on your site, go to the same “SEO” menu we talked about earlier, but this time use the “Meta keywords” box.

Prominent image meta tag

For search engines, your images are unreadable. In order for them to continue participating in your SEO, Site123 allows you to translate them into text. This is done on featured images of your pages and is also used for sharing on social media.

This way, search engines will be able to know the content of your images and your position in their results will be much better. To customize the tag of your images, it’s very simple: go to the SEO menu of the page in question, and then fill in the “Meta tag of the image”.

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URLs of your pages

To optimize your website, Site123 also allows you to customize the URLs of your pages (their internet addresses). This parameter is very important because it is one of the main elements that search engines take into account to reference a site. By optimizing the URLs of your pages, you point out their content to search engines as well as readers.

To customize your URL, simply go to the page in question, then select “Custom SEO” from the “SEO” menu. You can then modify the tag, or the last part of the URL, in the box provided for this purpose.


There is another important thing that Site123 does to naturally reference your website: it automatically generates a sitemap. This will allow search engines to quickly read and understand your website as a whole, and thus rank it better.

Thanks to this parameter, you will be able to be indexed much better, and you will not have to do anything about it, because Site123 takes care of it completely, which is a very good thing.

Tips and other SEO tools

If the parameters exposed so far are very good, know that in his most advanced subscription, the creator of the Site123 website also gives you access to a consultant specializing in natural referencing. This will allow you to get the most out of your site.

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In the same vein, know that Site123 App Market gives you access to tools like Optimizely Review (to test the performance of your site) or Ptengine Review (to improve the user experience on your site) to best optimize your site. You can install these plugins easily from App Market Site123 by clicking on the link associated with them.


As you can see, Site123 is doing its best to help you optimize your website for search engines. This editor gives you access to a large number of SEO-related parameters in order to better develop your website.

If you pay attention to all these elements, you will undoubtedly succeed in raising your page to the top of search engine results.

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