The irresistible rise of digital and mass personalization

The rise of digital is irresistible, we learned that from the Adobe Summit 2022. kept all the promises with more than 26,000 connected from the introductory speech. After this remarkable event, whose partner was Visionary Marketing [transparence]we hosted a live webinar at LinkedIn, Twitter i Youtube whose replay you will find below. This conference brought it together Gregoire Pauty (Adobe), Fabrice Frossard (Faber happy) and me. He organized it Olivier Saint-Leger (Neuromass), who unfortunately took part in the event from the bottom of his bed. Adobe Summit 2022 could be summed up in just 5 hashtags: #growth #digital #IA #personalization #largescale. Here is an express report sprinkled with tweets and which includes the main elements from this video.

Summary of the Adobe Summit 2022: the huge increase in digital personalization and real-time personalization on a large scale

Shantanu Narayen, head of Adobe during the introductory introductory speech of the Adobe Summit 2022. During this monstrous event (26,000 listeners at the time I took this picture) Narayen described the irresistible rise of digital

Transparency - informal networksTransparency: Adobe is our customer. We wrote this post with our usual goal of professionalism, independence and authenticity.

The summit began with a figure put forward by Adobe chief Shantanu Narayen during his introductory speech: we expect a turnover of the order of “$ 1 trillion in e-commerce” in 2022, in the United States alone.

No more jokes. This digital boom is a real tidal wave. It was a long time ago (1997) when the head of Abbey National asked me if “one day the Internet will take an important place in trade”.

Customization is nothing new, today’s real challenge is large-scale customization!

Irresistible increase in extensive personalization in the digital sector

But this incredible digital economy (in France we are already approaching 130 billion euros of annual turnover for e-commerce), in order to function, requires personalization.

But not any adjustment. Because “personalization isn’t new,” explained Anil Chakravarthy, director of digital experience at Adobe. “Today’s challenge is personalization on a large scale,” he added.

This really was the crux of the Adobe Summit 2022.

Why adjust, tell me? It’s about the fact that the job is not really finished. Here I quote a tweet from Camille Jourdain who followed us to this summit:

80% of companies think they offer well Client experience, but only 8% of customers agree with it! Camille tweeted, quoting Bain’s research and the figure, which, unfortunately, is not new, which proved that things in this area in Europe have not improved so much.

So we have no choice, and …

The next step is therefore to make the digital economy “more personal”

Which brings us to the recommendations of Shantanu Narayen, who tells us how to get there.

An irresistible boom in digital … provided you personalize the experience

Shantanu Narayen gave us four golden rules to achieve a more personal digital economy:

  1. Quality content from the customer’s point of view: relevant and has value for the customer;
  2. Personalization of customer travel;
  3. Client experience;
  4. Make sure we can act on data so that they are good, clean and not shared.

30% of customers BMW customers state that they are ready to buy online. We have to put digital everywhere – Jens Thiemers

This irresistible rise of digitality is not a chimera. The numbers are here: Jens Thiemers, head of BMW in the US, shows that a third of his customers are willing to buy their car online. Gone are the days when e-commerce was reserved for soft covers of 20 euros.

Real-time CDP? Kesako?

For this you will need technology, and this is the promise of CDP or the Customer Data Platform, the ability to create marketing repositories capable of processing personalization in real time and with impressive quantities, because this Fabrice tweet points to Frossard who also followed us during Adobe Summit report also during this online recapitulation.

Marriott’s three principles for providing an outstanding guest-based data experience

But technology is not enough. Susan Bloomberg from Marriott reminded us of this in a great presentation we summarized on Visionary Marketing.

In his experience, the three basic rules for success in large-scale data marketing are:

  1. Be obsessed with customers
  2. Make assumptions and learn to walk by walking
  3. Continue with successive iterations

Just tell me seriously! Still, the Adobe Summit also gave us a chance to have fun with Dame Vivienne Westwood, the muse of punk.

You won’t add any relationship between user experience and punk and you would be wrong in this, as Adrian Swinscoe taught us correctly.

3 lessons learned from the Adobe Metaverse Marketplace announcement

An event of this magnitude would not have been complete had it not been for the famous Metaverse. During this summit in 2022, Adobe announced the positioning of some of its products around the metaverse in collaboration with four major companies and not least: Coca-Cola, Epic games, NASCAR and NVIDIA.

From this announcement we can conclude some enlightening principles for the future:

  1. A virtual universe that is becoming more and more realistic;
  2. The need for 3D displays in e-commerce;
  3. Representations of virtual objects and characters online.

Announcement that we have dissected through the Visionary Marketing menu and that we have made it available through our Adobe Summit file.

To learn more, you will need to check out our full article on this topic.

Adobe Innovation Reviews, Adobe Sneaks

The report from the Adobe Summit would not be complete if it were not embellished with a tweet about Adobe Sneaks (for “Sneak Previews” or reviews in French).

These are 7 innovations presented by the employees, who ask the participants to vote for them. Real products come from these innovations. For 60% of them, which is exceptional.

If my friends flashed on an application that allows the presentation of e-commerce objects in augmented reality in real size, I in turn preferred #demanddetector, an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to correct inventory errors on e-commerce sites when the product is in high demand and customers can’t find it online.

The conclusion that was obvious for this summit was strongly emphasized by personalized e-commerce based on AI.

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