A robust platform for advertising and marketing and search engine marketing

Pinterest is evolving more and more and the number of users is growing. It is used by companies and community managers as part of the search for visibility, Pinterest is a real marketing lever and tools used for natural reference.

But what exactly is the Pinterest platform?

  • Is it a search engine?
  • Is it a social network?
  • Is it a marketing lever?

Come to think of it, a little bit of all three, and maybe more. Pinterest increases the visibility of your site, makes your business famous, increases your popularity, increases your sales, reaches a wider audience and much more! Taming this medium is not the most complicated, but using it efficiently is another story. Follow the guide so Pinterest has no more secrets for you!

Using Pinterest as a marketing lever

These are not just decorations for decoration on Pinterest, it can also be used as a marketing lever. And that, content creators they figured this out. All topics can be discussed on this network. So why get rid of a free marketing tool?

Because when you think about it, a marketing tool actually allows you to influence a desire that depends on the need. And it is mainly used in the form of improved communication, for commercial purposes. So, yes: Pinterest can be compared to a marketing tool. It meets the needs of the community of Internet users, offering them solutions: inspiration, products, tutorials, etc. With Needles for ideas for Pinterestthe platform is still evolving to offer enterprise-friendly solutions.

Video: Drilling on Pinterest

Here is a video from YouTube channel marketing strategy which here represents: How to use Pinterest in your marketing.

Is Pinterest a social network?

The answer is not always obvious in the minds of users…

Yes, because it is possible create a professional or personal profile on Pinterest. You can also comment or like posts, but you also have the opportunity to follow other members and get in touch with them. In addition, almost everyone on the side of Pinterest users ranks among social networks.

No, because Pinterest is not limited to features that other social networks have. It offers you search results based on keywords and a powerful algorithm. So we leave that to Pinterest itself, which defines itself as catalog of ideas it is not a social network. So it’s not a social network according to the platform, and that’s what’s authentic!


Is Pinterest a search engine?

In a sense, indeed. Pinterest has implemented a visual search engine : Enter a keyword in the search bar and the platform will give you results. This tends more to the register of inspiration. We are still very far from the level of Google and we are really not in the same registry as Google image.

Is Pinterest a search engine?

because in fact, each Pinterest pin corresponds to web content (product sheet, page, blog post). While Google image, in turn, has a multitude of images, the relevance of which is not always proven. Pinterest is therefore more specific in its proposals.

The real difference between Pinterest and Google is that the latter has the ability to browse the entire web to offer content, while Pinterest is pleased with its only database. The users of the platform are the ones who feed it by indexing their content. And that makes a big difference!

Pinterest’s desire to index

Google has the ability to see and index your posts, but Pinterest does not. In addition, if you don’t take steps to make your site known to the platform, chances are you’ll be found there. And that’s a shame! Because Pinterest sees its audience grow a little more every year:

  • 2018: 250 million;
  • 2019: 300 million;
  • early 2020: 322 million;
  • end of 2020: 459 million.

This population of Internet users does not “consume” the web in the same way as on Google. She is looking for inspiration! So why not offer him to find an answer to his needs at the same time? Therefore, your page must be indexed on Pinterest in parallel with Google.

How can you index your content on Pinterest?

To index your content on Pinterest, you must first create a professional account and link it to your site. You can even connect it to your own Youtube channel or your Instagram account. Then, all you need to do is pin (share) your content (articles, products, page) to Pinterest to generate presence and thus index what you have achieved.

How can you index your content on Pinterest?

The more your content is shared among users, the more traffic and thus the audience of your website will increase. Not forgetting that there are also little tips to promote your visibility on Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest algorithm?

It is not always enoughindex its contents hang them on your boards to make an impact. Because it’s obviousPinterest algorithm it also has a role to play and it is he who decides whether your pin is relevant and whether it should be highlighted.

And here, as with all algorithms, everything becomes quite unclear …

But don’t worry, there are still some tricks you can rely on, as we’ve seen recently TikTok algorithm :

  • Offer inspiring and relevant content;
  • Hook in “fresh” content regularly and always;
  • Respond to user needs;
  • Respect the size of the images;
  • Offer rich results;

Finally, here are some additional tips for make your Pinterest ideas successful. A feature that should not be neglected to take full advantage of the platform.

Can Pinterest Really Increase Website Traffic?

On Pinterest, whenever a user views your pins, he has the option to click on them. This is called a “click on the needle”. Then two suggestions are given: visit the page or save the Pinterest pin to the board. If a user uses the option to visit your website to learn more, it simply creates an organic visit.

Can Pinterest Really Increase Website Traffic?

If you turn this visitor into a potential customer or subscriber as a result, you win! This is a utility that Pinterest can have Increase traffic to your website.

Can Pinterest improve my SEO on Google?

Indeed, Google is good at detecting signals sent to it by Pinterest, which is not necessarily possible with all other social networks. If your page indexed on Pinterestneedles have the ability to generate feedback. They will be transparently listed on the “links” tab of your Search Console.

It’s this way Pinterest can improve SEO Your Website: Bringing you free backlinks without too much hassle. This can (indirectly) allow your website to improve yours position in search engines. Nor do you expect to get there first google position thanks to Pinterest.

Does investing in Pinterest take a long time?

You have to be realistic, it can’t be done in half a day. You will have to optimize content Your website. And on the Pinterest side, create inspirational and relevant pins on a regular and ongoing basis. Like any social network, Pinterest needs time to reap real benefits from it, but in the long run it needs to attract visitors and drive traffic.

Does investing in Pinterest take a long time?

It may seem like a lot to you, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Additionally it is possible toincrease productivity on pinterest with a few tricks.

Prepare pins for Pinterest

One of the things that will take the most time and skill is creating your inspirational pins. If you are a community manager or a simple user of the platform, there are several options:

  • Use professional software such as photoshop ;
  • Use consumer applications such as He can go.

If you really want to save time, you can directly use pins ready for use from Pin Builder.

pinterest pins

Automate your posts

Pinterest gives you a chance toautomate part of your publications to save you time. Several solutions are possible, and one of the most famous is TailWind. There is also native automation via RSS feeds.

You can go even further using Zapier or IFTTT. This will allow you to simulate your presence on Pinterest. If you move your research a little further, you’ll see that you can easily increase your productivity on the platform.

Is Pinterest suitable for all types of business?

Pinterest is a marketing tool which may prove effective for many structures or profiles:

If your business is related to one of these activities, Pinterest can be marketing advantage for you and your website. And after all the tips you’ve just collected, it would be a shame not to take advantage of them! Also consider using Pinterest mobile application can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

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