Is website positioning optimization essential for a non-profit web site?

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) integrates a huge vocabulary that can sometimes be misunderstood or disgusting, but that leads to one goal: optimizing your website and its contents for search engineespecially Google.

The question that arises among website owners is interest or notincrease website trafficis it really necessary?

What is site optimization in SEO?

Website optimization from an SEO point of viewit consists of working on your website and content, with the aim of achieving the closest possible positioning first position on Google. This position is related to the work of editors and web editors on keywords.

The web writing thus enabling optimization of its content at the level semantic and lexical fields, explaining the queries of Internet users. These queries that should lead them to your articles lead to an increase in organic traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to consider different web traffic sources and use them for your own natural reference.

If the goal is yes open your website and its pages as much as possible in SERPs (results pages) however we have to take into account the complexity of SEO. First, it is an imprecise science, because it includes countless parameters and it is almost impossible to add them, and even then you would not have a guarantee that you will find yourself. at the top of Google results pages.

SEO is a job that needs to be done in the medium / long term

In practice, natural referencing is therefore much more complex than it seems and involves knowing how search engine algorithms. You will also have to master it the structure of your website and content pagesPassage Hn beacons, feedback, meta description and everything related basics of SEO achieve the result. In other words, it is the right job and you will probably need to go through an SEO agency or SEO expert to create your site.

Conversely for many website owners, it has sometimes become easier to go through CMS or online platforms to create websites. These solutions simplify the creation of your site, but also follow you in case of problems during the development of your project. However, work on SEO will not necessarily be effective because it will depend on the platforms on which the pages will be hosted.

That’s why if you don’t have business restrictions or if you don’t want to monetize your blog or your site, these platforms can be interesting alternatives.

What is the goal of SEO optimization?

Time SEO is becoming an essential lever for sites whose targets are purely commercial. This is the case for e-commerce websitesas marketing websites or many others, as soon as it comes to searching for results and / or performance through its web channel.

We see this in other cases as well, such as the promotion of advertising content, where this will be an issue generate strong traffic to better negotiate its inserts

It aims to increase web traffic and especially organic, one that naturally takes visitors to its site without going through paid (like sponsored links) or lengthy (like regular social media presence) procedures.

If my blog or my page is not monetized!

Your goal may not be monetize your blog or your website. It can be simply communicating with members of a club or association, promoting an event, or raising awareness of a particular issue.

Website monetization

Regardless of your motivation, here we can distinguish two scenarios:

1. You want us to read public content: Whether it is a political campaign, non-profit communication, free articles or any other non-commercial publication. After all, it is very rare to create a website without trying to encourage reading. Here’s where it comes from organic trafficand so SEO optimization.

2. You publish private sites, reserved for a limited and already informed public: Your website serves solely to provide updated information to informed readers. But also to collect contact information of new members of your club or to access your online management system?

So your problem is notincrease organic turnover, but to prevent access to your data. In this case, your priority is no longer to attract Internet users to your site, but to ensure the security of your information or your online database.

However, when you create content and do business around netlinking, so it will be important for you to work on SEO if you want to create partnerships. In order to produce e.g. sponsored articles or certain content.


Search engines are constantly evolving and SEO optimization is an essential factor in creating any web content. It is up to you to choose to promote traffic or limit it. It all depends on what you are looking for and for what purpose you are producing content.

Do SEO is essential to achieve a goal on the web and be minimally readable, it should be noted that this is not always the case. We absolutely can create a website short life for one purpose, to then promote it for the duration of the operation. Time SEO is not a top priority for everyone.

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