Struggle in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin is ailing, docs advise him to not seem in public for “lengthy”

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New disappointment for Russian president: According to a source who claims to be close to the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently needed “urgent medical” help after an acute illness. The head of the Russian state would therefore have to postpone several meetings.

Rumors about the health condition of the head of the Kremlin never stop falling: Vladimir Putin before the celebration of his 70th birthday and the question of the form of the Russian president. Latest news: The head of state is said to have recently experienced “acute weakness, weakness and dizziness” as he got up from his office following a recent video conference with advisers and military leaders. The information was transmitted by the channel “General SVR” (Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, editor’s note) on the social network Telegram, a channel allegedly run by a source close to the Kremlin (read the box below).

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“The president needed urgent medical attention,” said the channel, which had previously reported on Putin’s alleged health problems. After this episode, doctors from the Kremlin would advise the Russian president not to appear in public for “long”. According to the channel, Vladimir Putin postponed the organization of a live broadcast for a few weeks, during which the head of state will answer the questions of Russian citizens in a few hours. The TV show was scheduled for June or July. “If Vladimir Putin’s health condition stabilizes, the show could be organized in August, the Telegram channel estimates. It has been increasingly difficult to hide the president’s displeasure lately.”

“cancer” in the advanced stage

Last March, Vladimir Putin’s health was already in question. During the interview with his Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, the head of the Kremlin looked feverish, his face bright and clinging to his desk. If the data on the health condition of the Russian president are classified as a state secret, they are all the more interesting for the American intelligence services. According to media reports Newsweek, a confidential report by these services claims that Vladimir Putin would have undergone treatment for advanced “cancer” last April. The White House later denied this information.

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Russian media Project on the other hand, he explains, the Russian president is accompanied by a group of 5 to 12 doctors, all experts in very different fields.

What is the Telegram SVR channel?

For several weeks on the social network Telegram, an Internet user who claims to be close to the Kremlin, a lieutenant general in exile known under the pseudonym “Viktor Mikhailovich”, published information that Russian services refuse to communicate. This was the first media outlet to suggest that Vladimir Putin was suffering from cancer.

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