the growth of social media shopping for, advertising and gross sales

Facebook, TikTok, WeChat… Social media purchases will grow three times faster than sales on traditional channels within three years, according to a study published by Accenture. with more than 10,000 users in China, India, Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom. Social trade (purchasing a product or service through a social network) will reach … Read more

What number of Search Console properties do I have to create? Abondance search engine marketing Video N ° 218 – search engine marketing information and search engines like google and yahoo

There are two ways to create a Search Console property (account): “Domain” and “URL prefix”. But how best to manage these two options, especially when using different subdomains? And do you have to create both in other cases? Should I create a “URL prefix” property for different versions (with or without www, HTTP / HTTPS) … Read more

Enterprise Growth Advisor and Supervisor Nava Applied sciences

If you have the energy and enthusiasm from the first day in sales, basic knowledge of sales and want to quickly develop your skills to aspire to a higher position (with the income that comes with it) … This role is for you! You will need to be familiar with digital marketing, have a penchant … Read more

an entire information to growing the common basket

In recent months, the daily lives of retailers have been interrupted by the closure and variable closures of their stores. This end of the year promises to be crucial for their turnover, but also full of challenges. Indeed, with the 177,000 retail locations Fevad enumerated in France this year, it will be a matter of … Read more

Obligatory digital invoicing: 3 ideas for getting ready for 2024

Why is a mandatory transition to electronic invoicing introduced in France?For several reasons, the first is to simplify VAT reporting and collection, which will result in better fraud detection. Another important reason is to reduce paper printing and speed up the invoicing process to increase competitiveness. This commitment will therefore involve many changes in companies, … Read more

“Laura’s Query” to Emmanuel Macron, an argument rampant on social media

Lea Mabilon Published yesterday at 19:14, Update 7 hours ago The President of the Republic, Emanuel Macron, was arrested by a high school student during a visit to Tarn. (France, June 9, 2022) Getty Images “Why do you put men accused of rape at the head of the state?” This question, which the high school … Read more

Zero-side knowledge forces retailers to redefine the consumer expertise

Asking the right questions to consumers helps build strong relationships. This provides valuable zero-page data for building a connection that encourages your brand choice. Traditionally, retailers do not dare to ask consumers for fear of being excluded. But you shouldn’t think of it that way. Indeed, it is a matter of emphasizing the consideration that … Read more