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In recent months, the daily lives of retailers have been interrupted by the closure and variable closures of their stores. This end of the year promises to be crucial for their turnover, but also full of challenges. Indeed, with the 177,000 retail locations Fevad enumerated in France this year, it will be a matter of standing out from the competition and gaining new customers.

However, today it is easier to increase your revenue by capitalizing on your existing customer base. PayPlug, a payment solution for small and medium-sized businesses, reveals in its white paper a series of tips for increasing the average customer basket and putting chances on its side during the holiday season!

Tools to help you increase your average basket

Since the average basket value is a key performance indicator (KPI), it is essential to choose the right solution for your customers ’needs. As this guide explains, there are many tools to solve various problems that you may encounter. For example, the use of split payments should be a major trend in holiday shopping.

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To understand the benefits of integrating these tools into your sales strategy, several specific cases are presented in this White Paper., which specializes in beekeeping equipment, has managed to increase its average basket by 21% by opting for more sales, using a platform to personalize the shopping experience.

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Several methods to encourage the customer to buy

This e-book is divided into seven practical sheets:

  • Personalize the user experience;
  • Take advantage of the conversational store;
  • Set up split payment on your website;
  • Offer relevant promotions;
  • Combine your online sales and in-store sales;
  • Enrich the experience in the supply engine trade;
  • Revise your delivery policy.

This guide will allow you to better understand the obstacles that arise before moving on to shopping. As a reminder, the basket abandonment rate varies between 70 and 80% in e-commerce. You will learn more about methods that will encourage your customer to complete their order, such as cross-selling and resale. This type of solution not only improves the customer’s shopping experience by introducing them to new products, but also increases your average basket quickly and easily.

If you think that the price of your products can be a brake, it does not necessarily mean that you have to reduce your margin. As you will discover in the White Paper, there are many very effective price reduction strategies that can increase the average basket, such as buying a large number of products, for example. This type of trick works especially well during the end of the year celebrations, as well as split pay, which is also a driver of loyalty. How to set up this and many other solutions can be found by downloading the PayPlug guide!

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