Belgian Ikea shops are turning into e-commerce facilities

Ikea will reorganize the warehouses of its Belgian e-commerce stores. Since the pandemic, the brand has more than doubled its online sales.

When the Kovid crisis broke out, Ikea stores had no choice but to close, forcing customers to turn to online sales. People who wanted to modernize their interiors hurried to buy furniture from the Swedish brand, which caused some delays in Ikea’s organization (packages were not delivered or delayed for several days, customer service was flooded with calls).

Ikea, however, managed to raise the bar and develop it online sales. During the financial year 2021, they doubled and reached 221.7 million euroswhich represents 22.65% of sales volume.

The stores will keep the same sales space, but the warehouses will be reorganized to enable more efficient and faster package preparation.

Expand stores

This growth prompted Ikea to change course and review your e-commerce. The channel announces that packages ordered online are now available in storessuch as the closure time due to a pandemic.

Stores will keep a the same retail spacebut warehouses will be renovated to enable more efficient and faster package preparation. Some stores will therefore be expanded to allow for this logistics., explains Colombine Nicolay, a spokesman for Ikea. “It is necessary to bring the packages closer to the customers, because we want to increase our deliveries of electric vehicles“She continues.

3 billion


Ingka, the parent company of Ikea, plans to invest 3 billion euros in e-commerce.

Delivery by electric vehicle is not yet possible from the brand’s large warehouse in Genk. However, Ikea also wants to turn Genk into an e-commerce site, especially for large pieces, such as kitchens. Smaller plots, such as beds or tables, will be prepared in stores.

Cheaper and faster

Ikea’s e-commerce plans could also go through a hiring process, but the intention is to work as much as possible with current staff. Colombine Nicolay claims, however, that it is night work is not on schedule.

This new strategy is part of the parent company’s plans, Ingka, which planned to invest 3 billion euros in e-commerce. Stores in the UK will benefit from a third of the amount. The amount of Ikea’s investment in Belgium is unknown.

“Behind the scenes, we have to make up for something operationally,” said Tolga Oncu, from the Ingka group. If we include stores in the last mile of delivery (home delivery), we create a situation where everyone wins. Delivery is faster, cheaper and with less CO2 emissions. “

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