Income within the second quarter grew 25% due to a rise in gross sales of companies

French e-commerce turnover grew 24.9 percent in the second quarter of 2021 thanks to a relaunch of services, according to Fevad.

The French e-commerce market is good. This is evidenced by the increase in turnover in the second quarter of 24.9 percent in a year, or 6.5 billion euros more than in 2020, according to the latest quarterly report of Fevada. This result, for the first time, reflects a return to the balance between sales of products and services. Indeed, the service category experienced difficult times due to the health crisis with a sales increase of only 1% between the first quarters of 2020 and 2021, but the trend was reversed this quarter. Sales of services finally benefited from a sharp recovery in the second quarter with a 45% increase over one year spurred by a recovery in sales in the tourism and leisure sector since April. It must be said that the acceleration of the vaccination campaign and deconfination in May contributed to this turn. However, the level of sales of services is still declining compared to 2019 (-26%).

In this quarter, product sales recorded a 10% increase due to the third closure (April 3-May 19) and the arrival of a large number of new retail sites. In this regard, the quarterly indicator for the creation of new sites is experiencing a significant acceleration, + 16%, which is a net balance of 27,000 new sites in one year, or the equivalent of a new commercial site every 20 minutes.

With the recovery in sales of services, the average amount spent per customer returned to 890 euros (+ 12%) for products and services combined, for a total of 518 million transactions recorded during the second quarter of 2021.

The number of cyber customers is constantly growing

According to the Médiamétrie Internet Usage Observatory, the total number of online customers is now showing quiet growth, almost a million, an increase of 2.3% in one year. And frequent customers are also growing faster: in the second quarter of 2021, more than 70% of online shoppers made at least one purchase in the last 3 months. In Q2 2020, they were 63.6%, an increase of 12% in one year. A total of 42 million internet users made online purchases during the second quarter of 2021. But increasing cyber shoppers always means greater security during transactions. Moreover, the French are widely regarded banking applications as 72% of online shoppers have downloaded their bank’s application, and 91% of them use it to authenticate their online purchases.

* The data collected by Fevad from the trading pages correspond to the following definitions:

E-Commerce Index (iCE 100): Traffic generated directly by iCE 100 panel companies on fixed and mobile internet. Sites that publish the market do not count the volume of business realized on the market, nor the realized commissions. Only orders shipped in France. All delivery locations (including in-store payments) are retained. This is the ordered turnover (we take into account the date of collection of the order, not the date of delivery). Cancellations, replacements and refunds reduced, postage included, VAT included for sale to individuals, HT for sale to professionals.

Market Index (iPM): Market publishing sites declare sales made in the market by customer resellers.

Mobile Commerce Index (iCM): Traffic generated directly by a company directly on smartphones and digital tablets within mobile sites and applications (without downloading applications).

Composition of iCE 100 panels: More than 100 locations: consumer products (100 locations), e-tourism (15 locations) and sales to professionals (20 locations).

Composition of PSP panels: 9 secure payment platforms: Adyen – Dalenys – Ingenico, brand Worldline – Monetico Payment – Monext – Paypal – PayZen – Verifone – Worldline.

Total Market Assessment: The calculation of the total market is done using data collected from the iCE 100 panel, electronic payment values ​​(excluding iCE 100 panel members) reported by service providers participating in the PSP panel and offline payment assessment (Fevad survey of iCE 100 merchants) .

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