this is how lengthy you should cease utilizing social media to remain wholesome

Social networks are essential in our daily lives for networking, work or leisure, but they can also make us very anxious. And the trend is more towards longer-term consumption than vice versa. How to keep your habits and save time for yourself?

If you suffer from outbursts of anxiety or depression, social media can be the cause, or at least in part. They prevent us from sleeping and make us waste a lot of time.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook threaten self-confidence

spend time on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can try, but also very dangerous for your mental health: photos of perfect bodies that lead to comparisons with yourself, millions of views of certain videos that complex you, the success of each other that are shown daily in posts that never end. All this harms our self-perception and self-esteem.

But beyond these fears of comparisons developed by everyone, every day and around the world, it’s mostly a waste of time spent the whole day watching other people’s lives and commercials, which makes it impossible for us to lead healthier lives.

According to British researchers from the University of Bath, it is obviously necessary to break with the networks in order to become better, but without necessarily doing so in a drastic way, so as not to lose habits.

Get 9 hours of free time by spending less time spying on others!

For the purposes of the study, these researchers therefore asked to 154 persons aged 18 to 72 yearswho used social media on a daily basis, to make a choice: to limit himself to a week or to continue using them as they usually do.

Those who limited the use of these applications to a week (reduced the average connection time to 21 minutes a week whole), acquired on welfare : less depressed and less anxious.

On the other hand, some were unable to shorten the time on these sites (they spent an average of 7 hours a week on them) and did not feel better.

The idea is to prove it even by stopping social networks on a short break of a week from time to timeor simply by drastically reducing its consumption, and this saves us daily time to do something else that we like, and thus replace unhealthy activity for our mental health with something else!

Volunteers who managed to limit their use of networks, gained 9 hours of free time !! So they had the opportunity to spend a few moments doing something different, more positive and constructive for their benefit.

Don’t stop everything at once

The study reveals that it is therefore not necessary to unsubscribe or stop using these networks altogether, but you just need to take short breaks to get your brain used to focusing on other less stressful activities.

You just have to learn to use them, not detach yourself from them. Dr Krakower, a psychiatrist at Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York, USA, commented by giving the following advice:

If you think that part of your depression or anxiety is due to social media, or you are upset about what you see on social media, which prevents you from functioning normally, I think it’s best to take a short break, even if it’s only a day or two. , so you see how you feel.

I don’t think you have to completely disconnect unless you feel like you’re completely addicted to it, but you just have to learn to control its use.

These platforms have become an important part of our lives, so it is not productive or mandatory not to use them at all.

So use social media for your hobbiesefficiently and quickly, but don’t scroll through it all day: 20 or 30 minutes a week is an ideal time to save time for other activities that cause less anxiety. It is up to you to distribute them: why not activate parental controls and limit yourself as you would with your children? Try it!

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