TikTok: 3 straightforward methods to search out contacts on social networks!

How to find contacts in the TikTok application? Here are 3 very simple reasons in this article!

This is a question that bothers TikTok users … How to find contacts in the application? MCE TV therefore reveals 3 very simple reasons in this article!

TikTok: the importance of developing your contacts

If TikTok is an opportunity to watch short videos and very cool in all genres, it is also above all a good way to develop your image and your brand.

Indeed, this social network brings visibility. So many companies find refuge in this platform. Even influencers can’t do without it.

But to achieve visibility, it is important to develop your contacts. And it’s not always easy to find friends on TikTok.

So the question is how to find and add contacts to the app? Know that there are three ways. We reveal them to you below.

Method 1: Contact Sync

To find your friends on TikTok, don’t forget to sync your Facebook contacts and the Contacts app. So you authorize the social network to draw from your contacts.

Then go to TikTok. Tap Profile on the navigation bar, then tap the button in the upper right corner of the page. Select Settings and privacy.

Now see the detect button. Touch Sync contacts and Facebook friends, then turn on Sync contacts.

Feel free to invite your friends to the app. To do this, tap Invite to invite them via SMS, email or DM on social networks. Keep in mind that you can find and add your friends via Facebook. Everything is played in privacy settings.

Here’s how to find contacts

Method 2: TikTok search bar

Like on Instagram or other social networks you are used to using, so you can go to the search bar to find contacts.

If you know TikTok’s contact name, look it up on the Friends page. So it’s up to you whether you want to follow him or not.

Method 3: QR code

Oh yes! It is a simple method that is often overlooked! QR code is very useful for finding contacts. Go to “friends”, then press icon with a + sign in the upper left corner.

Then you have two choices. You can either scan someone’s TikTok QR code. Or let other people scan yours. To do this, click on your QR code.

Allow another person to scan your code to access and track your profile. Don’t forget to press the button to return to the scanner, and then confirm the QR code of your contact by putting your screen on his.

It will only take a few seconds! It is very practical, especially since whenQR codes can be downloaded or virtually divided.

With all these methods, the choice is yours! From now on you will not be able to complain about not having contact. Great!

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