▷ Tips on how to work in your search engine optimization in 2021 and later?

If you work on a website every day (or even if it’s just a passion), you know that it’s more than essential to work on your natural referencing, which is also called SEO. This requires many actions: from the content, to the speed of display through the netlinking campaign, everything is important. The good news is that we’ve summarized the basics for you through three important points.

Synopsis: still the king of SEO in 2021 and beyond

If there’s one thing that requires special attention for natural referencing, it’s content. In the early 2000s (even a little while ago, by the way… Yes, the internet already existed before 2000 ^^), it was enough to put dozens and dozens of keywords on a page for search engines like Google or Altavista (at the time) set your website to the best places in search results. However, that era is completely over, now, What is most important is the content on your site. That is why it is important to follow a few rules:

  • Write content of at least 300 words, if you can do more, even better. Moreover, most of the content posted on search engines is around 800-1000 words. The main thing, however, is to write what you have to say, do not bind your text to “make words”. So trust what you are writing, however, a potato peeler can become a millionaire, so you have to believe in your ideas 😉
  • Write regularly: don’t add content all at once, and nothing later … No, it’s ideal to do it regularly;
  • Never copy and paste content from another site. By the way, search engines consider this duplicate content. Instead, spend a few minutes writing a short text instead of copying it from another page. The benefits, especially in the long run, will only get better;
  • Structure your content: as far as this article itself is concerned, add titles, subheadings, bold content … This greatly helps your readers to understand the text, and therefore the search engines;
  • Write for your readers, not for Google, Bing or any other engine. Try to remember this sentence: if what you do is good for your readers, then it will be good for your natural reference;
  • Add links to your content, both to your site and to others (we’ll talk about that in the next section);
  • Write in good French, avoiding mistakes as much as possible.

By following these few rules for your content, it will be well optimized for natural referencing. We also advise you to do so, as the content will certainly be increasingly important in the coming years.

Another axis you can work on your SEO this year is netlinking. But first, what is netlinking? It’s about the art and the way your links are shared online. This is true on other sites, but also on yours. Thus, there are two types of network connection: internal and external.

For the first, internal netlinking, as soon as it is called “internal connection”, it is a job that is completely reserved for you. How? All you have to do is insert links to other pages on your site in your texts. Of course, this should not be done: the pages must have a link between them, and the link anchor (the text you click on to access the link) greatly contributes to the referencing of the latter. Therefore, we recommend that you put at least one internal link per page, but the higher your content, the more you can put. Be careful, remember an important sentence: if what you do is good for your readers, then it will be good for SEO as well. Otherwise, don’t!

Now let’s move on to the external network connection. Simply put, we use the definition of internal networking, but on pages that are not yours. However, we still add some elements (otherwise it would be too simple ^^). Indeed, if you embark on a netlink campaign, you will need to make sure that the page that adds your link is on the same topic as you. Even better, if this one is more popular than you, it’s the jackpot: your authority in your field will be increased. In contrast, some websites do not conduct a netlinking campaign and let things do it themselves. Admittedly, it’s a cheap solution (even free), but it turned out to be much less effective than a real campaign. We advise you not to neglect this aspect of natural referencing: it is a powerful lever for publishing your site.

Technical part: do your best for your customers

Finally, let’s finish this three-axis article for improve your SEO in 2021 and beyond, we will focus on the technical part of your website. Certainly, that is not necessarily the most important thing in your eyes … But it is still crucial. Really, what could be worse than a website that doesn’t load fast enough, that doesn’t adapt to your screen, or that crashes completely? Therefore, we advise you to follow certain rules:

  • It is important to choose the right web hosting. Indeed, make sure that it is powerful enough to support your site, but also that it has all the necessary options to manage it (especially such important backups);
  • Personalize your website with a so-called “responsive” theme. Therefore, it is good to make your website compatible with screens of smartphones, tablets, and even PC screens with very high resolution (4K or higher);
  • Install a caching system to speed up your site. This method will reduce calls to your server, and thus relieve the latter;
  • Lastly, make sure your page URL is encrypted (known as HTTPS) to convince your internet users. In any case, it is almost mandatory in 2021.

In short, you will understand working on your natural referencing is a daily struggle. We hope that these tips will help you achieve your goals for the year, but also for the ones to come!

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