29% of customers say they’ve already purchased one thing via social networks – Picture

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok are increasingly developing an e-commerce strategy, also called social commerce. This practice is defined by using the characteristics of social platforms for shopping purposes. A new Capterra study * was conducted among 998 French people about their habits of using social networks to buy products / services.

According to our research, 27% of all respondents use their social networks every day to search for information about companies or brands, and an equal percentage of respondents say they do so at least once a week. The three models of payment on social networks are external payment (available in France), internal payment (not available in France) and internal payment through a third-party system (in development). For the French market, shopping on social networks is a developing trend. According to the study, “29% say they have bought something on social media before, 25% say they have never done it but are interested, and 45% have never bought on social media and are not interestedLooking closer, Gen Z is the one with the most potential buyers, with 43% of respondents in this age group who have already bought through social platforms, and 31% are interested. As for baby boomers, 61% do not use their social networks for the purpose purchases, but 17% have already tested this option, while 21% could consider it. They also use TikTok (16%) or Snapchat (14%) to buy products or services. For shopping online, we can also see from the results of this survey that the use of TikTok, a much newer network, is not surprisingly more beneficial to the new generation than baby boomers (15% vs. 3% respectively). “If the option of direct payment without leaving the social network application is still implemented for France, 40% of people who have already bought on social platforms say they are interested in this principle.“, the study states. This option is also favorably assessed by 34% of the group of respondents who have not yet made a purchase, but are interested in buying in the future. One of the main challenges when it comes to new technologies, especially online, is sharing personal In addition, 44% of respondents agree to share personal pictures and videos, and 43% agree to share their personal data.


* Methodology: In order to collect data for this report, in April 2022, an online survey was conducted in two parts in which 998 respondents participated. The criteria for selecting participants were as follows: a resident of France, aged 18 and under 76, who has purchased at least one product or service online in the last 6 months, using the social network at least once a month. The classification of different types of generation was performed according to the definition proposed by Gartner.

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