Easy methods to correctly handle e-commerce promotions?

In 2020, online sales exploded (+ 32%). The trend that continues and concerns large brands as well as small stores whose digitization rate increased during the crisis. More than half of consumers buy products online only when they are on sale, which makes this a major problem in e-commerce sales. On the eve of Black Friday, here are 6 best practices for managing promotions.

Determine the e-commerce promotion to be implemented

Between flash sales, cross-selling, free offers (free shipping, free product, etc.) and everyone else, e-merchants are competing in ingenuity! In reality, regardless of the format, the best promotion is the one that truly meets the needs of the users. And in order to have enough knowledge about our customers, it is indisputably necessary to pass the analysis of data available through previous purchases of customers.

In addition, it is important to take into account customer comments on social media, go through the information contained in customer satisfaction questionnaires, or analyze transaction data to define the profile of each visitor … and thus determine the promotional offer that suits him best.

Offer targeted web promotions

Offering online promotion based on the goal and its needs is the first step to success, but it is possible to go further: by designing targeted web promotions for a specific clientele. In order to identify it, it is necessary to define the key segmentation criteria in advance.

Segmentation is used to adjust the offer to a better defined goal and personalize communication. It is the division of the clientele or population of potential customers into homogeneous groups. Data analysis enables the identification of these different groups, through 3 segmentation criteria:

– Socio-demographic criteria: age, gender, level of education, etc.

– Criteria of conduct: frequency of purchase, required benefits, time limits for purchase, etc.

– Psychological criteria: consumer opinions, activities and centers of interest, etc.

This exercise, which is often done manually, can be greatly facilitated by learning technology such as machine learning, to allow the e-merchant to establish consistent criteria to help them better understand their goals. Therefore, they will be able to communicate better and offer more relevant offers than customers expect.

Plan special web promotions to build customer loyalty

Regardless of their typology, it is natural that a retailer wants to expand its customer base. However, he would gain more by making an effort to retain his customers than by trying to convince them. According to Reichheld and Dawkins, retaining a customer would cost up to 5 times less than acquiring a new one. A satisfied customer, who becomes loyal, is more inclined to renew the shopping experience, and even increase consumption: this is one of the secrets of improving profitability.

Therefore, the use of web promotions must also be used to build customer loyalty. As part of Black Friday, it can be through special promotions for customers who have subscribed to the newsletter or simply opening the door for them to review.

Optimize visitor conversion

Promotion on the Internet does not guarantee the automatic flow of stock: 55% of consumers who go to the store buy the product, while the conversion rate of Internet users after visiting the site is 1 to 3%! If falling prices are a guarantee of an increase in this percentage, it often remains insignificant in relation to the goals set by the e-merchant at the beginning of his promotional campaign.

This situation is mainly due to the lack of human contact in online sales. To ensure proper management of your online promotions, the ability to consult experts by chatting to answer various consumer problems can significantly increase your chances of buying.

Give visibility to your web promotions

Online promotions only have an impact on sales if they have good visibility: it is imperative to set up marketing campaigns to accompany the campaign. One of the most effective techniques is to broadcast your promotions in the form of banners on your e-commerce site, or on various social networks. This will increase their reach in the existing user community.

Other solutions can also help make more people aware of the promotion: using carousels on the category page or on the home page is very effective. Distributing certain mails or displaying in newsletters are also good ways to highlight current promotions.

Follow web promotions

Monitoring each commercial action is necessary in order to better understand its scope and learn the lessons necessary for the success of subsequent actions. This specifically includes auditing web promotions. Many indicators can be used to measure results: clickthrough rate, number of orders using a promotional code, number of views on the product list after a click, etc.

This effort can also be aided by technology, such as CRM software that allows you to track the development of results in real time.

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