Inodesign, betting on elements made in France, advertising and gross sales

Nicole Buyse, correspondent from Lille

Competitive or almost faced with Chinese competition, Inodesign, a French manufacturer of electronic products, has been recording an influx of orders and requests from French manufacturers since the onset of the health crisis. It practically doubles its traffic every year.

Northern manufacturer of electronic components Inodesign has been in high demand since the beginning of the health crisis by French manufacturers who had difficulty procuring supplies. It therefore plans to invest € 5 million next year to double by 2023. Headquartered in Croix, near Lille, Inodesign will reach € 6 million in turnover this year with 50 employees.

The company produces electronic boards and electrical cables, from the simplest consumer products – microwave ovens, boilers or computers – to the most sophisticated for industrial use. With the launch in 2012. Mickael Coronado bet on the reindustrialization of this production part in Asia, while remaining competitive. It can almost compete with Chinese prices for the most common electronic cables. On the other hand, its additional cost of 10% is compensated by savings in transport. And above all, it does not impose any minimum quantity, unlike Asian suppliers.

Everything in the house

Since the health crisis threw a spotlight on the relevance of its model, the company has been burdened with demands from new customers, falling from two calls a month earlier to three a week, a rate that has doubled since then. weeks. The SME, which has virtually doubled its activity every year since its inception, explains its impact by developing everything in-house: from design to manufacturing – combining all skills from electronics to plastics – through prototyping and quality control on its own test desks. It has also automated most tasks and developed its own machine tools that can adapt to new requirements very quickly.

“Suddenly, with equivalent specifications in which others need ten to twelve weeks to start production, we reduce this time to half a day,” says loose Mickaël Coronado, proud of the “compression time”.

This short circuit model allows its historic customer, OVH Cloud, to be agile as well. Inodesign has also settled in Croix’s ISP server plant, pushing walls as it grows to 2,000 m2 today. It intends to further double this area as well as its production capacity with 5 million euros to be invested in 2022, and funding is in the process of being finalized, with the support of the France Relance plan. SMEs are also seeking to acquire a design office in related facilities, one of the few sectors with a car he doesn’t work for and wants to win over.

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