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Instagram had more than 1.3 billion active users per month in 2020. In December 2021, we learned that the social network had reached 2 billion users worldwide, ranking it 3rd behind Facebook and YouTube.

“It was without counting on the arrival of a whistleblower named TikTok, who will probably overtake Insta in the coming months.

This number of users is for many one of the main reasons why you should be present on Instagram. Because if almost every third Frenchman has an account on the platform, there is a great chance that the customers of most companies will be there.

If you are struggling to make a breakthrough in terms of visibility and positioning, discover the Hashtag Slayer !! It’s a great tool to help you find the best hashtags to increase your growth on Instagram.

First, let’s highlight some valuable information …

Why should we use hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags are a way to index and categorize its content, to make them easier to find. This is the same principle as labels, especially on blogs, but also on many social networks such as LinkedIn. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that has popularized hashtags, and has remained a benchmark to this day.

It is the hash symbol (#) that precedes the keyword (or several keywords) that will enable this indexing. You can choose hashtags that illustrate the brand, or even more common themes on which the latter is positioned.

Hashtags will help you reach a much larger audience, which ensures their search through them. A tool that can contribute increase the number of your followers significantly. At the moment, it is quite possible to conduct market research, connect with people with specific interests or even follow the positioning of your competitors through hashtags.

The most basic way is to enter a keyword in the Instagram search bar and then click on the hashtag icon. Suggested hashtags related to this keyword will appear immediately in your search results. In addition, there is a more advanced solution for performing hashtag searches. We will see this in detail …

Introducing the Hashtag Slayer

Are you used to it always use the same hashtags ? Say stop to this method and stop limiting your reach. For the Instagram algorithm, repeating the same hashtags over and over again can be considered marginal spam.

You definitely need to be able to position yourself on 2/3 of strong keywords to gain influence, but also to choose your hashtags well to ensure the growth of your brand. Of course you need to know use Instagram as a springboard for your brand and thus take advantage of the platform. This is a job Community Manager.

With Hashtag Slayer, it’s easier to follow the rules of this social network to make your posts more effective. How? With optimized hashtags, you’ll increase your reach every time you post new content on Instagram.

Now let’s explore the tools!

Functionalities lähde: Hashtag Slayer

With Hashtag Slayer, you will have the opportunity discover new hashtags related to your activity. In addition, you can manage an unlimited collection of hashtags for further use. As the algorithm of this tool is regularly updated, you will have relevant selections from your collections to create a set of fresh hashtags for each new post.

Below are the features you will have access to using this tool:

Advanced search for the best hashtags

A few seconds is enough to find the best Instagram hashtags. So, expand your business quickly and gain a new audience. You will receive up to 50 suggestions during the search. But not only! Also find hashtags that are easier to categorize.

Hashtag Slayer, Instagram Hashtag

Measure your engagements, including likes and comments for each hashtag. Then simply copy any hashtag to your collection.

Competition analysis

Optimize your own instagram strategy and offer better visibility to your publications. Begin to carefully analyze your competitors by consulting them engagement ratefind their top posts and get instant access to their hashtags.

Then you can create instagram posts relying perfectly and virally on real hashtags.

Hashtag Slayer, Instagram Hashtag

Hashtag optimization

Nothing easier! In Hashtag Slayer, manage your hashtags on autopilot. That is, group your favorite hashtags in one place to be accessible via your computer or smartphone.

Hashtag Slayer, Instagram Hashtag

To do this, organize them through “Collections”. You can link or mix them to have an optimized set for each publication.

Risk-free growth

If you are new to Instagram or want to constructively increase your account, The Hashtag Slayer will surely increase your engagement. Get out of the malicious bots. This tool uses only the official Instagram API and offers optimizations tailored to your needs.

So, you regularly benefit from the list of “forbidden hashtags”. In other words, hashtags that this social network has banned and that we can no longer use. In addition, an algorithm update is performed each time it is used.

Test Hashtag Slayer for free!

First of all, know that you will not need a credit card or payment when registering. To get started, go directly to the official website Hashtag Slayer and just log in with your Facebook account.

You will benefit from a 7-day trial, as well as free course material called “5 Days to Hashtag Mastery”.

Hashtag Slayer, Instagram Hashtag

Here are the things you will learn through it:

  • Hashtag analysis of your competitors,
  • Hashtag research and optimization,
  • Unlimited backup of hashtags and collections.

When the trial period ends, you will have to pay $ 9 per month if you want to continue using it.

To summarize, the Hashtag Slayer is a an effective tool to help community managers gain notoriety on Instagram. Thanks to the ease of use and handling, it will optimize your time by choosing the right hashtags related to your activity.

But it can also store your favorite hashtags through “Collections”. This will make it easier to create your next posts on Instagram.

You can test it for free for a week to discover all its features. But nothing will stop you from investing in this tool to do your job.

And you, how do you find the best hashtags for Instagram?

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