The Maisons du Monde model is recording a rise in gross sales by e-commerce

E-commerce is becoming key in selling Maisons du Monde, a brand for decoration and furniture. Internet traffic accounted for 40% of activity in the first 6 months of 2021 and reached 268 million euros, an increase of + 44%. Online orders increased by 61%.

Free “click and collect” in the store

Total sales, combining shops and the internet, reached 663 million euros in 1er half of 2021, an increase of + 36%. According to Maisons du Monde, the rise in online sales has benefited from the free “click and collect” service in stores, introduced quarter 2020. At the same time, the volume of business in the Maisons du Monde market reached 32 million euros. This is 20% of the total volume of business generated on the Internet in France. ” The selective market launched last November is a hit with already 20% of online business this semester says Marie Laure Cassé, director of digital and marketing at Maisons du Monde.

Maisons du Monde sees the importance of complementing its omni-channel model with the market. This market currently has 580 brands and 71,000 references. It is based on technology developed by the French company Mirkal. The market recruited 100 new sellers during 1er semester. ” The continuous integration of new partners allows us to offer almost 600 brands to our customers, with a user experience equivalent to that in our own e-commerce. says Julie Walbaum, CEO of Maisons du Monde. Maisons du Monde also introduced 24-hour delivery of decorative items in June 2021.

Maisons du Monde store

5 million followers on Instagram

Also on the website, the Instagram community Maisons du Monde has grown significantly by + 31% in the number of subscribers, reaching 5 million followers. The average monthly audience on Facebook grew by 20%. Moreover, 1er semester, Maisons du Monde renewed its customer base, 40% of the total customer base consisted of new customers. This corresponds to 41% of new customers in the store and 40% of new customers online. New customers account for a third of total sales. The omni channel user base has also continued to grow. The number of customers who previously bought only in stores and bought online for the first time increased by 38% compared to 1er semester 2020

Sales in stores increased by + 30% compared to the same period last year and reached 394 million euros. Due to Covid 19, the European chain of stores was open on average 69% of the period, which is slightly more than the opening of 66% half of 2020. Sales in stores in France amounted to 203 million euros (+ 21%), while the rest of the European network and the Modani brand contributed 191 million euros (+ 42%). By June 30, 2021, Maisons du Monde had 352 stores in Europe and 17 stores in the United States.

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