This resident of Moulins (Allier) with 400,000 subscribers on social networks is popping out on stage

Opportunity gained by winning a competition launched by a big brand (Carte Noire, in this case) … of course on the social network TikTok.

“We had to make a witty video about coffee. 15,000 videos were sent, and I finished 5th with 800,000 views, explains the young dad of little Juna. Then the jury chose me among the finalists. »

Jérémy Govinjon, Moulinois who is a hit on social media

And Bourbonnais thus won this competition, whose prize is a performance at the Paris Café-Théâtre, this Thursday.

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“Nothing to lose, everything to gain”

At the age of 36, it will be his first time on stage, in front of 200 people in this short-lived room, which, near Gare de l’Est, was created by the brand behind the competition.

It’s a new experience that changes from the ordinary and will be cool, I have nothing to lose, to gain everything, and you never know if I’m comfortable, if I like being on stage, it can, why not, lead to something else. ..

He prepared his fiery baptism with a comedian (Quentin Ratieuville), he met through social media. “It will be a 3-4 minute sketch in the first part of three comedians: Lola Dubini, Roman Doduik and Youssoupha Diaby. »

Brackets in the hectic life of Moulinois who is the daily co-manager of the football club Planète Foot in Avermes and who shares a witty video on TikTok every day (or almost), some are approaching 2 million views!

You can find Jérémy Govignon’s videos on his TikTok account here.

Kevin Lastique

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