Why is Want the one e-commerce platform positioned close to Bercy?

At Bercy’s request, Wish disappeared from search engines and app stores. However, during the investigation, the DGCCRF identified irregularities in other markets.

In France, Wish has gradually disappeared from the results of major search engines and app stores. Consequence of a rare measure ordered by Bercy for selling non-compliant and dangerous items. However, the US site remains available provided that the correct URL is entered.

Wish specializes in selling items at super low prices for its 100 million active users worldwide. Products are sometimes of poor quality, mostly made in China. Other platforms such as AliExpress, Joom or Shein work on the same principle.

But Wish is the only market that has undergone a wipe-out measure ordered by Bercy. This sentence follows the conclusions of an investigation conducted, as every year, by the DGCCRF. In 2020, fraud prevention services analyzed ten markets. Of the 129 products ordered and analyzed on these platforms, more than 60% were abnormal, including 28% of products rated non-compliant and 32% non-compliant and hazardous.

“Other requests are not excluded”

Not everyone was from Wish. The DGCCRF refuses to give the names of all the platforms analyzed during the investigation because they do not need to be informed that they are subject to scrutiny.

After that, Wish was the subject of another investigation. Of the 140 products analyzed, 90% of the analyzed electrical devices are considered dangerous, as well as 62% of jewelry and 45% of toys.

So why is Wish the only target of Bercy? Because the U.S. site had a higher rate of non-compliant products than others, DGCCRF assures BFM Business.

“Other requests for deletion from the list are not excluded either,” it is specified, however, to combat fraud.

The administration also claims that it wanted to sanction another market besides Wish, before it stopped working in France, without even receiving a request from Bercy. His name was not released.

Other platforms could therefore experience the same fate as Wish. Recall, the American site has only “a few weeks” to fulfill, under the ban of French territory, threatened the minister economics of Bruno Le Maire.

150 million products online on Wish

But Wish will have difficulty controlling the compliance of 150 million online products on its site in such a short time, which is offered by about 500,000 third-party vendors. Wish also hides behind his simple host status and claims in a press release that he “has no legal obligation to conduct inspections” of these products. An attitude that contradicts the recent California ruling on Amazon’s status as a simple host.

Wish announced last week that he wanted to retaliate by initiating “legal proceedings” against the action, which is considered “illegal and disproportionate” by the DGCCRF. Contacted on Monday, Wish declined to indicate whether this appeal was indeed filed with the courts.

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