Instagram: Your mother and father will be capable to observe you on social media!

Instagram has announced a new feature that gives parents more control over their children’s accounts. Instagram has announced that it is launching a new feature that will allow parents to have more control over their children’s accounts. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z! Instagram is becoming more vigilant towards underage users Instagram, backed … Read more

Construction of digital fee terminals Development, evaluation and prospects for market progress 2022 2029 –

Report on the structure of electronic payment terminals provides a thoughtful overview of product specifications, technology, product types and production analysis taking into account major factors such as revenue, cost and gross margin. The report will certainly offer a brilliant solution to the challenges and problems facing the electronic payment terminal industry. This market report … Read more

WhatsApp stays the “most used” in Morocco

Between 2021 and 2022, daily Facebook usage increased from 61% to 87%. Meanwhile, Instagram is increasing from 28% of daily usage in 2021 to 67% in 2022, while TikTok claims to be the biggest evolution, from 8% of daily usage in 2021 to 64% in 2022. In addition, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, which are used … Read more

Wickr encrypted messaging, a hub for distributing baby pornography content material

Encrypted messaging Wickr, which has been owned by Amazon since June 2021, has become a hub for distributing pedophile content according to research NBC News published June 10. Anglo-Saxon law enforcement and justice encounter the very nature of the application, making talks inaccessible. The protection of minors is sacrificed on the altar of privacy, the … Read more

E-commerce growth 2921

The corona virus pandemic has affected several sectors. Some companies went bankrupt, and several companies had to close. Due to closures and restrictions related to the health crisis, contact is prohibited. Restaurants, cinemas, shops and even some hospitals have been closed. On the other hand, there is a significant boom in e-commerce. Selling online has … Read more