A day devoted to search engine optimization and content material advertising by CyberCité

BIG SEO, an essential online event dedicated to the challenges of SEO and content marketing, is back for the third edition! Organized by Cybercité, BIG SEO will be held on Thursday, April 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The program includes 6 exciting webinars for a better understanding of the strategy…

One day and 6 webinars dedicated to SEO and Content Marketing

In 2020, 1time BIG SEO edition gathered more than 5,000 digital professionals, and in 2021 the event exploded with 19,000 participants attending conferences. Discover 3th edition April 7, 2022.

BIG SEO # 3 is a day entirely dedicated to SEO and Content Marketing.

CyberCité experts will host 6 free live webinars to give you all the keys to discovering and implementing innovative and effective SEO strategies and techniques!

The importance of SEO no longer needs to be demonstrated: it is the main source of your audience. If it is constantly evolving, SEO remains the lever that will bring you the best performance.

Face the competition, win positions (and above all, don’t lose any), increase your visibility and traffic, etc. These are the challenges of SEO, but also content marketing and linking, the basic fuel of an effective SEO strategy.

6 webinars will cover the main topics of SEO and Content Marketing: SEO data, keyword strategies, technical SEO & CMS, site redesign, linking strategy and content marketing strategy. Cybercité will also offer you, with Webqam, one of its partners, a focus on SEO with Shopify for e-merchants.

Each webinar will be imbued with customer experiences and specific cases, to help you make SEO your most profitable lever of digital growth!

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GREAT SEO: 6 webinar programs
To better understand what awaits you, here is a program of 6 webinars.

Conference no. 1 // Thomas BEVAN // 10.00 to 10.45

SEO data and keyword strategy: How to use your data to make the right decisions and thus design a “user-centric” website?

Google results pages are a gold mine for designing SEO strategies. But what can you really learn from that?

How to discover potential 0 positions in your industry, new topics for writing targeted content and meeting the expectations and intentions of Internet users?

In the age of big data, in which access to data has become a convenience, why not use this data to boost our SEO in value, and ultimately project ourselves to the actions that need to be implemented?

Like any acquisition lever, SEO must fit into ROI logic, with a positive ratio of time spent / results obtained. To achieve this, it is possible, through detailed analysis of your SEO data, to look for realistic and achievable levers of growth.

Data analysis and processing can save us valuable time, and above all allow us to make the right decisions for the implementation of effective SEO devices.

Through operational examples and concrete use cases, such as conducting market studies using your keywords or prioritizing tactical optimizations, we discover how to manage your SEO actions using data.

Conference no. 2 // Adrien PARTY and Christophe BADIOU // 10.45 to 11.30

Learn how to tame the SEO technical weaknesses of your CMS!

Regardless of the CMS chosen for your business, whether or not you use SEO plugins (if any), it is not uncommon to detect, subsequently, technical issues that interfere with reporting your title and target, search engine search, or even overall site performance.

From concrete examples based on major market solutions, we offer you, during this webinar, a selection QuickWins to quickly determine if your site is affected, measure the impact and above all to help you solve the problem (s) of your site!

Conference no. 3 // Quentin LOHOU // 11.30 to 12.15

How to manage your Netlinking with strategy and subtlety!

Extreme competition, huge audience … Netlinking will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Provides lasting SEO results when working with strategy and subtlety.

Discover during this webinar, through tips and advice, how to succeed in the long run in SEO, prioritizing quality over quantity and implementing an effective and efficient Netlinking strategy to get to the 1st square!

Conference no. 4 // Lucie D. & Benoît // 14.00 to 14.45.

How to achieve SEO with Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce solution we hear more and more about (more than a million stores worldwide).

After being widely adopted by young creators and DNVB brands, the solution is now attracting more experienced e-retailers who started their e-commerce adventure a few years ago using other technologies.

During this webinar, we explore SEO issues for those players who are considering migrating to this CMS. Does this CMS really limit the possibilities of optimizing its natural referencing? What are the best practices and pitfalls to avoid if we embark on this redesign under Shopify? How does the solution work with Google to provide its marketers with easier-to-manage SEO?

Does the Shopify Plus platform offer more opportunities to work on your SEO?

Lucie, Cybercité project manager and Benoît, Webqam project manager (Shopify partner agency) will share everything you need to know about it!

Conference no. 5 // Alban RENARD // 2.45 to 3.30

Redesign or create your website without the SEO disaster: The best return on investment actions

Everyone says: SEO is built in the long run. What is being said less is that nothing is definitely gained in SEO and that organic visibility can be destroyed in a few moments, due to a few unfortunate choices.

Website redesign or creation are essential and strategic periods in the digital life of a company. A few critical moments can lead you to the side of industrial disaster or to the side of return on investment!

We will see together, with concrete examples, how to avoid the worst pitfalls of these strategic projects, while looking for performance through ROI and prioritizing natural referencing based on data.

Conference no. 6 // Sylvie COCHET // 3.30 to 4.15

How to set up a successful Content Marketing strategy?

8 seconds: this is the average attention span of web users on a website!
A scathing observation that requires putting content at the heart of any marketing strategy if we want it to have an impact.

Creating content, videos, COPE strategies, analyzing results, leverage … So many items that are imperative to master before you start your Content Marketing strategy. So where to start? How do you ensure the impact of your content marketing strategy? How do you determine which content is most relevant to your goals?

Together, we will decipher the goals and messages of your content that will allow you to set up a real content marketing strategy to maximize your impact on the web. Don’t write more about SEO, but write your content, for your goal, in accordance with specific goals, while promoting your SEO reach!

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Article written in collaboration with Cybercité.

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