Nfinite is elevating € 93 million to develop its visible e-commerce device

Nfinite is raising $ 100 million (93 million euros) to revolutionize the visual e-commerce market

Starting Infinitycreated in 2016 in Bordeaux under the name Hubstairs by Alexandrea le Vigana (HEC), is an online platform that offers online retailers the ability to create or display product photos to develop their online sales.

Nfinite is raising $ 100 million to consolidate its leadership in the impressive 3d e-commerce and e-merchandising categories, making this round one of the largest in 2022.

Already several fundraising actions

In the Hubsteirs era, young filmmakers have already invested, 1.2 million euros in infancy, then 2 million euros, always aiming to strengthen in France and finally, a third fundraiser. , 3.5 million euros, this time to develop his solution for creating 3D content.

In 2021, Hubsteirs changed its name to adopt the Nfinite

A new name, a new adventure and new goals, so we could define a young French film. Nfinite already raised $ 15 million last February to accelerate its entry into the United States as it redesigned its economic and strategic model, becoming a leader in e-merchandising. Simply put, an online retailer can, very quickly and above all very easily, create impressive visuals to grow their business by directly reaching consumers.

What will this $ 100 million be used for?

A few weeks after raising $ 15 million, Nfinite did it again, this time with $ 100 million. The money will be used primarily to expand engineering, marketing and customer business globally, although for now, the vast majority of customers are in the United States. It will also provide the support needed to respond to the very rapid adoption of its SaaS-based visual merchandising platform. Finally, the fundraiser will be used to develop a very promising Nfinite 3D market consisting of the world’s largest community of 3D talent and tools dedicated to e-commerce.

Nfinite is a French company that has become a leader in the American market, it is quite rare, Alexandre le Vigan can therefore be very proud of this success.

The Nfinite SaaS platform allows retailers to create, display and manage unlimited visuals of products using advanced CGI technology. It has increased ARR 10x over the past year and has been adopted by three of the world’s five largest retailers.

$ 7.4 trillion potential…

By 2026, the online retail market will grow by + 50%, reaching a staggering figure of $ 7.4 trillion. Nfinite, a startup from Bordeaux wants to be at the forefront of the world stage. The young edition has already multiplied its revenues by 10 in 2021, has three of the world’s five largest retail players in its portfolio and will practically triple its staff, which currently has 100 employees within 18 months. Its goal is a turnover of 45 million euros by 2023.

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