Paul Magnette needs Belgium to change into “the primary nation with out e-commerce, with actual retailers”

The president of the PS wants to return to “real shops” and “living” cities. He said he would like to exit e-commerce after the nuclear phase.

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Paul Magnette, PS President said with Secretary of State Thomas Dermine (PS) in columns
that he wants “Belgium to become the first country without e-commerce, with real shops”. The federal government is preparing to re-discuss this week’s easing of night work in the e-commerce sector. »

The relaxation of e-commerce rules between 8pm and midnight is one of the stumbling blocks in labor market reform, a dossier in the hands of Employment Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne (PS) who the De Croo government is expected to return this week. Liberals have been asking for this for a long time, those who advocate the flight of business to neighboring countries like the Netherlands, where the rules are already more flexible.

Paul Magnette’s main arguments lie in night work. “I think e-commerce is not progress, but social and environmental regression. Why do we have to let workers work at night in these warehouses? Because people want to buy at any time and get their packages within 24 hours? Can’t wait two days for a book? He wants to make Belgium a country without e-commerce, with real shops and vibrant cities. »

Keep only what is necessary

The government will specifically discuss the concentration of full-time employment at 4 days instead of 5. It will also discuss better protection for Uber and Deliveroo workers, as well as evening work in e-commerce. In this last debate, for the president of the PS, “we must not be too flexible”.

It emphasizes the damage of night work to health. “It must be limited to sectors where it is really needed, such as the police and hospitals.” He has no problem seeing companies set up their hangars on the other side of the border. Since in his eyes the big concern is not unemployment, but long-term illnesses, they are only getting worse in this sector, underlines Mr. Magnette.

Attacks President MR

The president of the PS launches other strong words in an interview with the PS
. He particularly attacks MR and its president Georges-Louis Bouchez. “The problem of this government can be summed up in two words: Mr. They complicate all cases. Everything that Mr. Bouchez wants her to be celebrated and prevent others from reaping the results (…) He did not reap anything during government negotiations. Nothing. That is why he has been opposing the government since day one. »

Georges-Louis Bouchez responded

For the president of MR “19. age cannot be a model of society. He wrote on Twitter: “Progress is an opportunity. We need openness and adaptability in our society for greater prosperity. We cannot just leave e-commerce to other countries. We would lose hundreds of millions. »

“A return to the economy from 100 years ago will not help us,” Open VLD President Egbert Lachaert wrote on Twitter. E-commerce can now provide jobs for thousands of people. We’re not going to let this go, are we? PS is provided by the Ministry of Employment. He must secure a job, not perpetual unemployment! »

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