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AlphaGoogle SEO coaching dedicated exclusively to e-retailers continues to evolve to offer more complete and personalized support to e-retailers who want to take over (or continue) their natural referral strategy.

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Interview with Vincent Souchko, AlphaGoogle member and creator of Osyla, an online store specializing in the sale of custom awnings and screens.

How important is natural referencing for Osyle development?

For me, SEO is the center of e-commerce. It is necessary and the engine is Osyle. Without natural referencing, you have to invest a lot of money in your visibility to win over customers. But above all, good SEO also means that the information you transmit is interesting and liked by Internet users, and therefore by your customers. I believe that natural referencing has evolved in the right direction. There are so many sites and information today that it is necessary to understand how SEO works in the eyes of search engines and Google, of course. And what we know today is that we need to redouble our efforts and think differently.

Why is it important for you to practice natural referencing and why did you choose AlphaGoogle?

I think training is an integral part of an entrepreneur’s life. You must strive to learn every day, and especially to master the vital pillars of your company. For me, as an e-merchant, I can’t delegate this part. As if the doctor had delegated diagnoses to his patients and spent the day looking for patients, that is unthinkable. Training in natural referencing must always be a part of the lives of e-retailers. How do you set up a strategy with agencies if you know nothing about it? Impossible. AlphaGoogle was obvious to me. I have been following the evolution of Olivier Clémence for many years and I know how passionate he is and he invests in what he does. His training is a real gold mine for anyone who wants to start or continue to develop in SEO. But it is first and foremost training that allows you to establish the right sustainable and effective strategy with real results.

How do you compete in SEO with big brands like Leroy Merlin or Castor?

We are not competing with Leroy Merlin! We are trying to get a place first! Every small victory brings us closer to our competitors. However, we have a different strategy, we make all our products to measure, unlike a large DIY store. On the other hand, of course in SEO, we observe what they do and try to be better. These department stores have strategies with colossal budgets compared to us. However, Google has shown us that it is no longer a question of budget, but of intention and, above all, motivation. You have to get up early in the morning and be passionate about doing business with these great brands! It took me over 2 years to appear on the first page of Google for keywords like “awning” or “mosquito net”! And without training and motivation I certainly would never have succeeded!

What has brought you the most results in natural referencing?

Since the launch of Osyle in 2015, our strategy has always been the same! Priority to our customers. And that had to be felt in all areas, even (especially) in SEO. We don’t do SEO to satisfy Google, that’s no longer true, we have to do it to satisfy our customers. If you still think of Google, stop it all! If our customers are satisfied with what we bring them in terms of products, design, ergonomics and essential information, your SEO will be much better. Combine that with a good workout and make the best possible combination!

So, there is not just one element that brings us results, but it is a combination of several factors (which can be found in AlphaGoogle training) that lead us to big small victories.

And what are the next steps for Osila now?

Keep nibbling on visibility around big brands. Today, Osyla is the platform that brings together the largest number of awning brands and the most custom items in solar and visual protection.

The goal is to become a leader in France in the beginning!

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