“We revise movies as a result of we do not perceive at school,” when academics supply to revise philosophy on TikTok

Caroline Giraud is a professor of philosophy at Charleville-Mézières. She signed up for the social network TikTok only a month ago and already has more than 10,000 subscribers.“When I started recording videos, one of my STMG classes told me, ‘Great, we’ll be able to revise with your videos because we don’t understand in class, and we understand in the recordings!’

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Initially, she recorded playful videos to combine philosophy and pop culture, especially manga. We quickly understand this by watching her videos, fan Caroline Giraud Death certificate.

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But very quickly his subscribers asked him to explain the concept of the graduation program. On Wednesday, June 15, more than 500,000 candidates for the general and technological matriculation exams will take a philosophy test, one of the few survivors of Jean-Michel Blanquer’s reform. “Now we hear a lot about it, there are problems with employment”emphasizes Caroline Giraud.

“Many students said they had almost no teachers during the year and were happy to find, not necessarily full courses, but small clues on the Internet to help themselves.”

Caroline Giraud, professor of philosophy and TikTokeuse

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As before, the candidates will have to leave for four hours, but, according to the post-reform newspaper, the topic will be the same for everyone. There are 17 terms on the program. And Caroline Giraud visits them again in 3 minutes.

Alexandre, who studies in Nice, is delighted with this playful way of auditing. “I prefer to repeat myself by listening to people explain to me, tell me videos. It’s easier than re-reading my lessons. I hope to get a good grade, especially thanks to her.” Linda, a high school student in Vitrolles, especially appreciates the availability of TikTokeuse, which takes the time to answer questions her subscribers have asked in comments to her videos. “It also helped me a lot to watch the comments because these were not questions I asked myself on the spot while watching the video, but I could ask myself during the test.” And for Emma, ​​a high school student at Jean-Baptiste Dumas in Alès, these videos are also an opportunity for a small call to order in moments of procrastination. “At TikTok we waste time, we don’t do anything productive by ourselves“She admits.

“Finding a video that allows you to remember a passage from the course allows you to tell yourself that I revised a little when we were left at the base to do nothing.”

Emma, ​​bachelor

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If it was necessary to reconsider the last idea before Wednesday’s event, Caroline Giraud is betting on nature, a very current topic that has fallen in several other countries.

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Teacher revises philosophy on TikTok – a report by Pierre-François Plessis.

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